Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Social: FALL

Time for another Sunday Social. And it's about something I am really looking forward to. 


Oh, how i cannot wait for fall. The weather is cooler, the threat of hurricanes comes to a close, the trees look so pretty, coffee tastes better, soup tastes better... you get the picture. 


{one} What is your favorite fall activity?
I think date nights are more fun in the fall. Is that weird? It's too hot to go out in the summer here. Walking is more fun in the fall, too. Because I can walk the lakes instead of hitting the gym. I know there are people who walk the lakes in the summer, but those people are CRAZY! Cooking soup! I love to cook & soup is one of my favorite things to make - but again - it's just too HOT right now! So yeah. Pretty much everything is better in the fall. :) 

{two} Do you follow a football team? If so, which one & why? 
I feel like a TERRIBLE Louisiana resident, because, no, I do not follow football. I follow enough to know that LSU is one of the best college football teams. I follow enough to know that the New Orleans Saints are pretty amazing, too. And i feel a sense of pride when I hear that we won a huge game. Other than that? No. I'm just not a football fan. I went to an LSU game once, and it was amazing! Even I admit that. But most people around here bleed purple & gold (or black & gold for the Saints) & if they're not watching from the stands, they're watching in someone's living room. But we're just not into sports at ALL.  And Brad could care even less about it than I do! 

{three} What is something fun about fall in your area?
Most people would say tailgating for LSU football games, but again... :) I don't know. I love bonfires with huge groups of friends.

{four} Favorite fall outfit staples?
I kind of got into scarves last fall. I really could use a nice pair of boots, too. 

{five} Thing you are looking forward to most about the upcoming fall season?
Our anniversary! # 4! 
And the return of Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. YUM!

{six} Favorite holiday & holiday traditions?
I love thanksgiving. It's one of my favorites. We usually spend it with brad's family & it's just a good ol' time with LOTS of food & if it's possible, even more laughter. It's great fun. Love his family! I usually have a thanksgiving meal with mine too. And i love my mama's cooking!

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  1. Now that I've read the words "Starbucks pumpkin and spice" all together, you've got me all hyped up! Here I was down that I won't be in our new home by fall to decorate - this has lifted my head up! Hahaha.


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