Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

{one} Today was rough. I just felt like nothing was going right! Some days, everybody needs something from me yesterday. And i do these things b/c they're all important, but in the back of my mind is this REALLY IMPORTANT THING (which takes hours)!! Today, around 3, i STILL hadn't gotten to that REALLY IMPORTANT THING & a coworker came & told me she needed this other thing NOW & i told her i couldn't until next week & she said no can do & i kind of lost it. I wasn't mad at her, it was just that there comes a point when i start to really stress about RIT (really important thing) & so the next person who asks me for something gets it! I don't mean to, and I'm sorry. 

After that my boss asked what she could help me with (because, clearly, i was about to lose it), and i told her i just needed some TIME to get that really important thing done! So i went to my office & shut the door (i usually keep it open). I was only interrupted once for the rest of the day, and i got exactly HALF of that Really Important Thing finished. And now i feel a lot better. :) 

{two} I did get my car inspected, though. I have been promising my husband every evening that i would do it the next day on my lunch break. And then the next day... I wouldn't take a lunch break. Today, i ran errands for work in the morning & I made THAT my lunch break. Because i knew once i got back to work i wouldn't be leaving again! The inspection passed & i am glad i can now move on with life & not have to worry about getting my car inspected for another year. GAH! (But that year always comes way too soon, doesn't it?!)

{three} If you have never been to Aveda Institute South for a hair appointment, and live in Baton Rouge, I have a really amazing coupon for you!! Yes, i get my hair cut there & yes they do a great job! They're students but work under licensed educators. So ... let me know if you want a free haircut or really cheap color! 

{four} I finished Karen Kingsbury's first book in the Above the Line series & cannot WAIT to get #2. She has so many books, i can't believe it's taken me so long to start reading them!

{five} I am loving twitter more & more everyday!
(I would love it more if more friends started tweeting HINT HINT!) 

{six} There was a shooting today in LaPlace, which is way too close to Baton Rouge for comfort. Okay, BR is a crime capital, but we don't normally get SHOOTINGS in broad daylight like this one. This happened this morning, at a plant. Two cops are now dead & when i read in the paper that they were only 34 & 27, my heart broke. Some girl like me sent her husband to work that day and he didn't come home. I could just...CRY...every time i think about it.

I have been praying all day for God to comfort the families of those who were lost. And that the two who are injured would have a COMPLETE recovery. 

Please keep them in your prayers!

{seven} On a MUCH happier note (& the part where my crappy day got a lot brighter), i met another blog friend today!!! Megan from Tidbits From my World. She lives in the same city as me, how crazy! I actually met her sister (Lindsey) through blogging first, and then met her (Lindsey) when she came in town (for Megan's baby shower!). Later, i started reading Megan's blog & then she started reading mine & she won a recent giveaway i did, so i thought we'd meet up to get it to her! :) We met at CC's, a local coffee house, and i just LOVE her. She is sweet & cute & easy to talk to. I love her!

{eight} I had to meet Megan & run (pretty much!), though I could have stayed & talked to her for hours! Her sister was like that too (we actually DID talk for hours!). I ran to my in-laws to have dinner with them for my sis-in-law's birthday. The food was DELICIOUS & i always have a good time with them!

{nine} Tomorrow is my first tech rehearsal for Assassins, a show that opens next week at Baton Rouge Little Theater (my happy place). It's so strange that i will just be working backstage, when i have been doing nothing but stage managing, assistant stage managing or performing for the last five years! But it just seems like it will feel good to just be a small part of what goes on instead of in charge of the whole thing (as is the case when you are stage manager!). And it's only a week + two weekends - very short time commitment which i can  handle right now! 

Basically, this is just enough of a theater fix to hold me over until the next show! 

So basically... in case i end up absent on the ol' blog... here is what my schedule looks like...
Tomorrow: tech rehearsal
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 3 until LATE - tech rehearsal
Monday - Thursday - dress rehearsals 
Friday - opening night performance
Saturday - performance
Next Thurs, Fri, Sat - performances

That's it! And yes, that's a lot next week, but overall, it's a VERY short easy time commitment! :)

I'm excited. But also really tired. So i should go to bed. 


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  1. Have you read the Redemption series by Karen? If you haven't, stop reading above the line and go back and start with Redemption!!! It's the first series in her connected line of series...


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