Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday 6:30 pm (Isaac Update #2 - with vlog!)

This day has been really boring, which is a problem since we haven't even lost electricity yet! I mean, really? Shoulda got the puzzle. That's all I'm saying.

BUT we did go to Brad's parents for some good ol' Louisiana Red Beans & Rice! I haven't had that in SO LONG & it was the perfect "last meal". Ha! (Hopefully not REALLY our last meal... i just have been getting a kick out of saying that for some reason!)
The wind picked up a bit a few minutes ago, so we headed outside to check it out. Took Fievel this time. He had some energy he needed to get out. I think it worked, as he hasn't bothered us since we came back in! (He was getting a little too hyper (read: annoying) for us for awhile there!)

Here are some progression pics from 11:30 this morning!

 Pre-hurricane pics are always pretty. :)

And here we are...drinking coffee...what may be our last cup for awhile!
Although during Gustav, Brad's family did build a small fire & make coffee that way!

 While outside, i did a VLOG! I know you are SO EXCITED! I feel like a weather reporter! HA!

A couple of disclaimers:
 (1) I love how i say "you can't really tell" about the wind blowing - when you can definitely tell! I didn't see it right then while i was filming!
(2) Please excuse the baby talk to my dog. Yes, i'm one of THOSE people. I'm sorry. It's only for the end of the video, I promise!
(3) I didn't notice it until I played it back, but you can HEAR the wind especially at the end!


We just got news that Isaac has hit landfall (around 6:45). I hope we keep power at least until we go to bed tonight! Some people in Baton Rouge have already lost power, though. FUN!

Prayers are appreciated!! :)

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