Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I think & other thoughts

I am turning into a bullet point post kind of girl. All the time. It's kind of ridiculous. And sad. Sad, because I think of things to write about ALL THE TIME. But I'm too lazy to actually, you know... write it out. I would rather blogging be easy. Which, again, is sad. Especially considering i used to consider myself a writer. 


You may or may not have noticed I haven't mentioned the chic-fil-a or gay marriage thing at ALL. Not here, not on facebook. I do have a very passionate opinion about all of it. But i don't wanna talk about it. I just don't. I like debate...by debate, i mean ACTUAL debate. Civilized debate. Not name-calling, mockery, holier-than-thou, I'm-right-youre-wrong political debate. That kind just annoys me. So i will refrain from talking about it. But if you are just dying to know what I think about it all, read this post, this one & this one. And there ya go. 

Some more random thoughts for you... 

We are joining Sam's Wholesale Club this weekend. I think this is a "maybe" in Brad's mind, but it's a definitely in mine. If you don't have a Sam's - it's the same thing as Costco. Or similar... i've never actually been to a Costco. We're getting one, but i don't know when exactly. I went to Sam's for work this week & i loved it. Is that sad? Is it sad that I am SO EXCITED about joining Sam's?

Is it sad that that's the most exciting thing I have to say in this entire post?
I feel like tomorrow should be Friday. Saturday, really. This week has gone by agonizingly slow. Not a bad week though!

I love the Olympics. It's just that we don't have cable. I watched them at my parent's house when i was house-sitting, but then i came home & when i wanted to see gymnastics, swimming was on. And i love swimming, i think it's cool but my attention span is not good & watching gymnastics is more interesting. :) 

It is quite possible that the next olympics will have two kids i used to babysit competing. Not against each other, though. One is a competitive gymnast & one is a competitive swimmer. Both win competitions a lot. :)

Hmm... this weekend? Think I will hang out with some church girlfriends on Saturday morning & bring dinner to my cousin-in-law & her hubby & hold their new baby boy. 

Tomorrow i will be sitting ALL DAY entering student's report card grades. Report card week is KILLER, y'all. Oh, man. We also have 42 new students starting next week... 21 on Monday & 21 on Thursday. Oh... joy.

I will leave you with some pinterest finds...and then i'll call it a night.

I am so ready for soup season... aka, FALL.

These are definitely a NO-NO for me, but man. Man oh man.

(Spinach & cheese filled crescent rolls, in case you were wondering.)

And I really want these bracelets.

Have you seen this? I want one.

And I just think these are funny. 
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Heehee. :) Well, goodnight, all!

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