Thursday, September 13, 2012

13 on the 13th!

I am TIRED & thinking... it's after 10. I should go to bed. I have work in the morning. I am so going to regret it if i don't go to bed now---- 

Oooh... thursday thoughts! I should do thursday thoughts first!

I will regret this. Just so you know. ;) 

{ONE} Tomorrow is Friday. That's the biggest thought going on right now. Yay, Friday!

{TWO} Saturday I am having breakfast with a long lost friend & I am SO PUMPED! She's, like, one of my favorite people. I might have to force her to take a pic with me so i can have her in my blog. Haha. 

{THREE} The above is ALL i have planned for Saturday. Love days like that.

{FOUR} Last Sunday, my mom & I both sang with the worship team together. I sang for the first time (at this church) a few weeks ago, but she & my dad were in Florida at the time. The next two weeks she sang but i didn't. Well, this past week we both did! I think it's been at least 25 years since the last time we sang together. Kinda neat. :) 
just being silly in that second pic. haha.

{FIVE} My sister called earlier & we talked for awhile. Except either my phone or hers cut out... i think... 5 times while we were talking. SO ANNOYING!

{SIX} So my most exciting news is about my health. I don't know if you know, but i blog about my weight here. I have been STRUGGLING but i believe i have found the answer. It's actually been staring me in the face waiting for me to take notice. I was going to blog about it tonight, but chose instead to do Thursday Thoughts. I would do it after this post, but as i write, i feel myself slipping away. Haha. So... it'll be tomorrow. But I feel like this is my time for a BREAKTHROUGH! And boy do i need it.

{SEVEN} My old coworker, Jamie, who quit when she was 9 months pregnant to have a baby & be a stay-at-home-mom, came by work today. Baby was asleep in his car seat in her car, so i sat next to him & just...STARED. She had to run in & get something so i told her i would watch him. I stared at his gorgeousness the whole time she was gone. I wanted to wake him. But i didn't. ;) HA! I literally physically ACHE with desire for babies. (Therefore if you see me in public do not, i repeat, do NOT ask me why, when, what time, what day, or especially what am i waiting on when it comes to having kids! The answer is: IF IT WERE UP TO US WE WOULD HAVE THEM ALREADY!!!! Please & thank you!)

{EIGHT} Man. That was kind of harsh, so please know that was not directed at my blog readers that i know and love. It was also not directed at my very good friends, you can ask whatever you want! :) It was directed to those who may be reading that i don't know about that would possibly see me & consider saying something that seems innocent enough...but is actually quite insensitve. This happened to me last week & I came home & SOBBED. Ugly cry. It was bad. And i just wish people understood that there is never a time you should ask that question to someone who is not a DEAR CLOSE FRIEND!

{ELEVEN} For friends who are now worried about me b/c of the above two thoughts... no worries. I am GOOD. Happy. Positive. Excited! Hopeful! Life is good & God is faithful!

{TWELVE} Today I locked my keys in the car. Nice! I had my laptop, a lunch bag, a water bottle, some papers, my cell phone, and my purse all in my hands when i realized i didn't have the key to my office. I always have it in my hand b/c it's on the same key ring as the one with my car key! I put everything down & looked ... no keys. I knew i must have locked them in the car. SURE ENOUGH! Thankfully my hubby had the extra key with him! YAY. 
totally brightened my day to see his face mid-morning! haha. love him!

{Thirteen} The local car place still has the flag up. I just think it's so beautiful. 

I think that's all for one night. :) Hope y'all have a happy Friday & an excellent weekend!


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