Friday, September 28, 2012

5 questions = 5 answers!

I got off work today and went straight to Hobby Lobby. 

{SIGH.} I love that store. What other store puts seasonal items for sale BEFORE the season is over? Before it even STARTS?! All the others, they wait until the day AFTER Christmas to mark everything down. Not Hobby Lobby! No, siree, Bob! They had 40% off signs up around ALL the fall decor & Christmas decor. 

And pretty much everything else too.


They also play instrumental praise music.


After that, I had to go to Walmart & then Barnes & Noble & i am now sitting in my chair feeling like my feet MIGHT fall off. Completely. I ache. Poor achy feet of mine!

And so... because my mind is as tired as my feet... I bring you yet another mindless blog post. Where i can just post someone's questions & answer them. 

I know you are so excited. 

* * * * * * 

From Mama M at My Little Life

1.) Do you prefer to drive to your favorite vacation spot or fly?
This completely depends on how far away the vacation spot is. If i can drive there in ... oh ... 7 hours or less? Let's make it a roadtrip! I could even be talked into 10 hours if i have people I like in the car with me! 

If it's any farther, I have no fear of flying. I like it!

2.) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I keep saying this even though I have never ever been to either place. But i would like to live in either Charlotte, North Carolina or Savanna, Georgia. I'm pretty sure their weather is better, their crime rate is lower, people don't litter as much, and buildings are charming.

Even though, like i said, I've never been to either place. ;)

I would move there next weekend if i could get my husband & our families to join us!

3.) Should grown women wear leggings?
I think i am not fashionable enough to answer this question correctly. 

The fact the question is being asked means that whatever people are wearing up top is not long enough to cover enough of the legging???

I'm going to say - ANY lady can wear leggings - as long as they are also wearing a dress that covers the bum. :) (I don't wear leggings... maybe that explains my confusion?!)

4.) If you could change your name to any other name, what would it be?
This questions is always asked in adulthood, but it's when you're an adult that you have grown into your name or are used to it & you like it. I'm Melissa, or Mel, or Lissa, or any other form of Melissa you choose, and i like it. It's me. It fits me.

But once upon a time, i longed for other names. I can't remember what they were now, though!

5.) What magazines do you have subscriptions to?
Last year was the year of the magazine subscriptions. I had won a few free year subscriptions online & my mother-in-law had gifted me with some subscriptions as well. At one time, i was getting Real Simple, Woman's Day, Entertainment Weekly, Taste of Home & Southern Living. Several in my mailbox each month! But no more... they all ended & i get no magazines these days.

I used to be obsessed with magazines. I couldn't leave walmart without getting the latest People. I don't care anymore, though. I read them while waiting in very long checkout lines & i usually reserve buying them for roadtrips. :)


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  1. I went to Hobby Lobby on Friday as well! Isn't it a wonderful place! Can't think of a better place to go to start the weekend off right!


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