Saturday, September 22, 2012

5QF a little late!

Yes, i know it's Saturday. Sorry. :)

1.)  What is one grammar rule you cannot let go without correction?
I almost never correct. Sometimes i will if it's a person that is like me & would be mortified if they knew they wrote something wrong! But y'all. I do not like bad grammar. ESPECIALLY on a professional publication or advertisement! That just makes me angry. Haha. But it bugs me everywhere else, too. I am not saying I am 100% perfect with grammar & spelling all of the time. I spelled weird & definitely wrong for the longest time! Ha! But there are certain friends (not mentioning names!) that have posts that are so bad, i can't even understand what it is they are trying to say! I don't say anything...nobody likes to be corrected! So instead, I vent to Brad. :)

The ones that just drive me up a wall?!?!
and most importantly,
LOSE & LOOSE!!!! Everyone seems to get this one wrong! You don't LOOSE something! You LOSE it! Loose is the word you use when you say "loose change" or "my shirt is too loose"! GEEZ!

(Amy, maybe this is what I am most passionate about?! HA!)


                                                                                                              Source: Uploaded by user via Melissa on Pinterest

                                                                                                              Source: weheartit.com via Melissa on Pinterest

ANYWAY. Moving on. :)

2.) What's your favorite thing about fall?
In Louisiana? The cooler temps! Ahhh! :) I love everything, though. The changing leaves, cozy sweaters, cooking soups & stews, & the start of the holiday season!

3.) What's your favorite dish to take to a potluck?
Green Bean Casserole. It's just so incredibly EASY. I also like making Chocolate Chip Pound Cake. Also, very easy & very good!

4.) When do you start Christmas shopping?
About a week before Christmas. Yes, I am serious! Ha!

5.) Did you move homes a lot growing up?
No, just once. But i made up for that in my twenties. :)

Hope y'all are having a good weekend! We are. :)

Enjoy your SUNDAY!

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