Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fun week ahead!

I've been home sick for two days now. Good thing I'm starting to feel better, because I have PLANS, y'all. I mean, seriously. :)

Tomorrow it's back to work. 

But after work is an hour at Central Perk for dinner with my new friend, Mandy. I LOVE HER! Then we'll head to church for week 2 of our Daniel Bible Study. 

 ALSO?!? The 2 hour premiere of the next season of LAW & ORDER SVU!!!! YES!

Thursday is work, too. 

But I'll be leaving a little early to have a celebration dinner with Brad's family. We're celebrating my mother-in-law's RETIREMENT!!! Monday is her LAST DAY OF WORK, EVER!!! There is nobody who deserves this more than her! (Well, my dad deserves to retire too... hopefully he will next year!) Anyway, I am absolutely THRILLED for my mother-in-law!

After that dinner, Brad & I will head to BRLT to watch "The Importance of Being Ernest". Several of my friends are in it & the play is funny. So that'll be fun!

ALSO?? The premiere of Big Bang Theory & Grey's Anatomy. I won't be home though. Will have to catch those online later!

After work, I'll head to Hobby Lobby. Should have gone today but i just didn't feel up to it! Oh-well. :) Gotta get some last minute things ready for a shower on Saturday!

I'll make a dessert & an appetizer for a shower i am co-hosting! I'll be at the house where the shower will be held at 3:00. Go time at 5:00. I am super excited for this couple & can't wait to bless them with the shower! PLEASE pray for good weather because the house has a beautiful backyard PERFECT for entertaining & i would hate for all those people to be stuck inside!
 becca & mike

Church again! :) And we'll return Sunday night (something we don't usually do) to have a welcome dinner for our new youth pastor & wife! Excited!!! 

Good week ahead! Hope my sinuses stay in the clear! ;) 

What are your plans this week!?
Any shows you're waiting to start?!

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