Thursday, September 6, 2012

political banter, broken bones, and weekends!

 Some of this will be venting about peeves. I apologize in advance. 

1. I can't deal with the politics on Facebook...and now they've invaded my Twitter! Noooo!

Please don't misunderstand. I'm not disinterested in the world & in politics & in our country & in who will be our next president. I do vote. It's just the one-liners, the flippant little sayings, the RUDENESS, the disrespect! Can't we all just get along?!

I mean, why can't we disagree but still be KIND? Some of what i am seeing feels like a PERSONAL ATTACK, even though it is meant as a general statement towards EVERYONE who disagrees with you... i wonder if you realize it's for ME. Or do you assume I'm on your side since I'm a cool person & we're friends?! Because what you post is kind of hurtful. Not everyone agrees with you. And that should be OKAY. But if you think everyone who disagrees with you is EVIL, then you must hate me & not even know it. It makes me sad. Heartsick, actually.

Tolerance & Love for All goes BOTH ways. That's all I'm saying.

2. On to lighter things...another thing i HATE seeing in my news feed? Certain things MOMMIES post. (Don't shoot me.) No, i don't mean baby bump pics (this is fine!), first day of school pics (love these actually) or 900 pics of your child (it's your child, of course you will!). I am talking about GROSS pics. Like, oooh, my child has some strange rash/bo-bo/mucous/other, let me take a PIC so my FB friends can tell me what it is?!?!? 

No, no. That, my friends, should be reserved for those CLOSEST to you. Or to other MOMMIES. Some of us are not mommies yet & do not want to look at that disgustingness until we absolutely must. 

Also, broken bones. I literally get SICK TO MY STOMACH & CANNOT DEAL WITH BROKEN BONES! So much so that i have told Brad with future kids, i can deal with gross diapers and boogers and BLOOD, but we get a call that our kid broke his arm? NO... it's all you, hubs. ALL YOU. So if you must put a pic up of your child's weird snot, FINE. I will just scroll past really really fast. But do NOT. I repeat, please do NOT post pics of oddly turned bones!

Or just hide me from that post! You can do that, you know!

I am sick just thinking of broken bones. It's weird. I know.

3. I should stop complaining now. Life is good! Good week. Keep praying for Isaac victims though. I have already seen tons of pics of our student who have water in their houses. :( My friend is staying in a hotel b/c the damage in their home is so extensive that they can't live there. Hard times in South Louisiana. So thanks for praying!!! :) 

4. I am now on Book 3 in the Karen Kingsbury Redemption Series. So good. So so so SO GOOD!!! Seriously can't put them down. LOVE books like that!

5. My weekend! YAY! Tomorrow!!!! :) Nothing planned tomorrow night (my favorite kind of Friday night). But Saturday i will catch up with some old friends at a wedding shower, and then meet an old coworker for dinner. Sunday is church. And then it's back the daily grind again!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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  1. Haha! I hear ya... I'm sick of seeing people's political opinions all over Facebook. It's crazy how defensive and just plain mean people become. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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