Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering. 9.11.01

I will never forget. 

I don't think any of us will. 

A lady at church is an 8th Grade teacher. She was telling me that none of her students know anything about that day. I was perplexed at first, and then realized...they were little bitty when it happened. It's just history to them - so she is having them do a project about that day. They'll study & read about what happened, the heroes, the victims, how it affected us as a nation... I got excited. Excited about them learning about September 11, 2001. Such a big day in our history.

So funny to me that they are learning in class about 9/11, like we learned about President Kennedy's assassination. Something my parents both remember just like we remember the events of 9/11. 

 Today as I was running errands for work, I saw that a car dealership had the flag at half mast. 

Side note... this pic is from my phone & is not edited. The sky was just that blue today! Beautiful day.

Isn't it beautiful though? On the way back from errands, i was at a red light & watching the flag. It was flying in the wind & I was mesmerized. I started praying, right there... for the people who lost loved ones on that day. As they remember their loved ones, I hope that they feel the prayers of a nation. I hope that they know how much God loves them. 

My boss told me today that she lived in New Jersey on 9/11/01. She said she was at work and they could SEE the towers from their windows. They saw the first plane hit and of course didn't know our nation was under attack. They went upstairs, got coffee, acting like it was any other day. But then they saw the second plane hit the tower, dead on. And they knew. I cannot IMAGINE actually being there & seeing it out of my office window. She talked about how they were unable to leave work & how she couldn't get in touch with her husband because the phone lines were down, and how people were walking across the bridge to get back to New Jersey because you couldn't get anywhere by car. And she said as they sat, fire trucks and ambulances flew past them... one after another after another...

Where were you when you heard the news?

 I had just gotten out of the shower at my apartment when my mom called. She said, "Are you watching TV?" And then, "turn on the news." I was confused and she said something about our nation being under attack. I hung up with her, turned on the news and continued getting ready for work. As i watched, i was just... in shock. 

It was strange driving to my work. It seemed like everything was different, even though the news was just coming out. I got to the house where i was a nanny. The kid's mom & I sat glued to the TV all day long. We cried, we prayed, we mostly stared in complete SHOCK & HORROR. 

 I remember how quiet it was that day... when i drove home from work. Just ... quiet. I remember in the weeks that followed, more & more flags were hung on mailboxes, businesses, windows, cars... everywhere. I remember how everyone rallied together. I remember being hit, daily, with thoughts of those who had lost their father, their husband, their wife, their mom, their brother.

Thank you to our firefighters, to our policemen, to our military men & women... all of those who sacrifice so much out of great love & respect for our country.

Never forget.
Sept. 11, 2001

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