Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shower for Mike & Becca

Two other ladies and I have been collaborating for months about this shower. We got together twice to plan, and sent countless emails & texts to discuss and i have to say... everything turned out PERFECT! The whole time it was very low stress... i think the only time i got a little stressed was when we had about 30 minutes till party time & we were not ready! HAHA! But truly...it was like God was smiling down on the whole thing. That sounded really cheesy, but it's true!

I found myself near tears as i got overwhelmed with so many pouring in the house, despite the weather, despite an LSU game going on later that evening. TONS of people came out, you know why? Because people LOVE Becca & Mike! They truly deserve the best & I am so thankful their shower had a great turnout. 

Becca & Mike go to my old church, Victory (where i went for about 17 years, with a 4 year gap after year 15!), so i got to see a LOT of faces i hadn't seen in awhile...and that was nice!

*   *   *   *   *   *

Becca & Mike are a beautiful couple that i know the Lord brought together. Becca (one of my closest friends) was RADIANT all night...at a shower! Can't wait to see her at the wedding! ;)

I took MANY pics, I'll try not to post ALL of them!

 Here's a sneak peek of the food... but honestly I'm going to do another post dedicated to just the food, because everything but the cake was Pinterest-inspired & everything was AMAZING! :) I must share!

*  *  *  *  *  *  * 

Adam & Katie - good friends we haven't seen in far too long! Love them! And her hair. It grew very long in four months (the last time i saw her!). I couldn't get over it. So PRETTY!
 Adam & Katie!

 Mrs Becki & Ashley - i've known them most of my life. Love them!

 Mrs Tara & Mrs Barbara... known these ladies for years too! Mrs Barbara is actually my best friend, Sarah's mom. I know she looks too young to have a daughter my age! :) 

Me & Pastor Kenny! Love!

Lots of friends & family 

Except for the top left one, Brad took all of these while i was writing down her gifts! He captured some great moments! Thanks, hubby! Click the pic to see it larger. Bottom right pic: Is that a look of LOVE or WHAT?! :)

 Becca & her friend, Tallie

 Pastor Kenny & Mrs Janice, Michael & Becca

 Me & my love!

Ashley & Becca

 Love these two couples!! Missing Amanda & Matt (our cali friends!).

 The hostesses (Ashley, me & Tara) with the happy couple!

 The shower was WONDERFUL, y'all. Everything was perfect... lots of laughter, good food & visiting with friends! I loved it! So glad we got to bless them in this way. I think they thanked me about 15 times between the two of them! Ha!

The big day is November 17th! Can't wait!

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