Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Social: meet & greet!

1. What is the name of your blog & how did you come up with it? 
Little Mrs Married is the name of my blog. I'm not sure how it came to me, except that i started it a few months after we got married & wanted it to be a record of our adventures as a married couple. That, and the fact that i was VERY excited to be married because i was 30 when i finally tied the knot, the last of all my friends. So it was also kind of a Little Mrs MARRIED?! Like, it finally happened, ya'll! Haha. 

I also blog at Little Mrs Married {is maintaining victory} which is a blog dedicated to my weightloss journey. 

2. What do you love the most about blogging?
I am sure the majority of people will say this, but the FRIENDSHIPS! I had no idea the community that was here and it's just incredible. So far i have met 5 blog friends and every time i'm like - "I LOVE HER! She's so sweet! I just LOVE HER!!!!" Hahaha. It's just really neat to love a person through their blog & their emails... to get nervous about meeting them in person... only to find that they're even MORE AMAZING in real life! Ha!

Me & Laura, blog friends for 6 years before i flew up to Pennsylvania to meet her. I also met blog friends Rainey & Kim then because they're Laura's real life friends. Later I met Linds & then just recently i met Megan (who is Lindsey's sister)... I LOVE BLOG FRIENDS! :)

3. What are your two favorite posts you've written?

4. What is something you'd want to tell someone just starting out in the blog world? 
Look for blogs you might be interested in reading... read their posts...comment on them... participate in blog hops like this one...and when readers come to your blog & comment, reply to their comment! It might sound weird when you're getting into it... "uh, you want me to interact with strangers on the internet?!" just TRUST ME. The friends I've made through blogging are some of my best friends, period. The blogging community is AWESOME & if you blog but don't get to know some bloggers, you're missing out!

Also, i want to add something because i've had two people ask me this lately. If you want to start a blog, just DO IT. There's no magic "right time" to start. Just start one! If you discover it's not your thing, that's OKAY. But you'll never know if you never try! 

5. Biggest blogging learning experience you've had?
Hmm... I can't think of anything. I think I have been pretty lucky in not getting very many mean comments. But I will use this opportunity to give a little advice! Ha! ...Be nice, do not respond to mean comments (i feel that most of the time, deleting & ignoring is the best response), and PLEASE - for the love - turn off your word verification! :)

6. Give us three blogs we NEED to be following that you love.
Oh yay. :) #1 - Laura from A Hearty Overflow

I love Laura. She's my bloggie BESTIE, we've been writing each other since the MySpace days... about 6 years ago now, I think! I finally went to visit her for a week in December and i had a BLAST. She is a woman after God's heart and she is kind and funny and genuine. Basically, she's awesome.

#2 - Amy from Taking Steps Home.
Amy is a new blog friend and we've been emailing a good bit and i just LOVE her already! She's passionate about life, about her faith, and about photography, from what i can see so far. She's also pretty funny. Love!

#3 - Elizabeth from E, Myself & I.

I've been reading her blog for awhile now, and i like her more & more. She's adorable & funny & also, real. She's a teacher and super creative (as teachers tend to be!) & i like that!

Fun little Sunday Social! Feel free to join in & link up with Ashley or Neely!

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