Monday, September 24, 2012

This weekend, I... (v.1)

This weekend, I did not take many pictures. Even though there were plenty of occasions to do so! SAD! Note to Self: If you're wondering if you should bring your camera, the answer is always YES!
This weekend, I went to Barnes & Noble & bought two new books!

This weekend, I went to a mexican dinner at the church for the praise team & their significant others. We had a great time, eating & laughing. Mostly, laughing. No, eating. No... definitely more laughing. :)

This weekend, I played Win, Lose or Draw with the praise team (at the dinner mentioned above). It was FUN. I am glad i drew easy words like "apple" & "glass". My favorite was when Mallory (a praise team member's daughter) guessed loudly "A BUTT!" while someone was drawing. It was actually the start of a pair of sunglasses. I have to give it to her... it kind of did look like a butt. Her mom said, "That's my girl!" No shame, y'all. No shame.

This weekend, I spent a day at my parents having lunch & then relaxing with my hubby, mom, dad, sister, & brother-in-law! Haven't seen my sister or her husband in too long!!

About half of the time at mom & dad's was spent relaxing...ahhhh...

Even Fievel found a spot to relax. :)

This weekend, I practiced a song with Brad that we may do in church sometime soon. :)

This weekend, I had dessert when I shouldn't have. :(

This weekend, I sang on the praise team at church Sunday morning! 
This weekend, I sneezed a lot. I'm going to guess about 40 times on Sunday. Geez.
This weekend, I went to eat after church with my hubby and our new BFF's, Billy & Mandy.

This weekend, I felt overwhelmed & incredibly thankful for my new church home & all the awesome people I have met so far!
 Covenant Community Church
{What did you do this weekend?!}

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