Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Let's see how far I can get on this before i get bombarded by students. I do have work to do... later...


Thoughts for you!

1.) Last night I started Beth Moore's Daniel Study! I actually did this one before, but it's been awhile. About five years, and i don't remember much except my mind being blown. It was amazing. I'm excited. Not just for the study, not just for all i will learn & what will take place in my heart, but to connect with a group of women from church. Love it. Need it.

2.) Yesterday, before Bible Study i went to Central Perk, as i had some time to waste before time to head to the church. My friend Mandy met me there & brought me a new cup!!!! You may not know but on Sunday (the first time i used my last new cup), I went in with a cute new coffee mug & the very second i walked out of church... i felt something slip out of my hands...i heard a crash... i looked down in shock....
Yeah. But now i have a new one thanks to my sweet new friend, Mandy!! Love her!

3.) I met Baby Judah on Monday night!! My friend Amanda made a quick last minute trip to BR for a visit because she wanted to meet her brand new nephew. But she made a little time to have dinner with 5 of her girlfriends...myself included! Love her! And LOVED meeting Baby Judah. What a cutie!

4.) The weather has been GORGEOUS. It rained Monday & Tuesday, pretty much all day, but i knew the forecast said Wednesday would be gorgeous. It was. And so is today. A high of 85, a low of 57. But currently??? 73! Ahhhh! I love any temp in the 70's. My fave.

Like I said on Twitter... THANKS, GOD! Because He is the one to thank, y'all. Not "Mother Nature"! 

5.) I woke up with a heavy heart this morning. It must have been because in my dream... #1, I was pregnant (which hasn't happened according to my timetable in real  life); #2, a close friend told me she's getting divorced (which couldn't possibly happen to them in real life!); & #3, the house we were in (in the dream) caught on fire... flames were just flying around all the door frames, consuming the house... i remember we got out...but i don't remember how... Anyway. I woke up in this horribly heavy heart & i prayed & cried & cried some more. :( Sad day. And.. for no reason except a stupid dream, right? I mean, i was fine when i went to bed last night!

6.) This weekend! Tomorrow starts this weekend! On the agenda is a dinner with the others from the praise team at church (tomorrow night) & a fun long day of good food & quality time with my family (on Saturday). We plan to eat, talk, laugh, possibly be outside all day & maybe go to a movie. I can't wait!

7.) Speaking of weekends... i forgot to tell you about last weekend? No? I don't remember. All i know is that i didn't post this picture. I had breakfast with my dear friend Robyn. I used to part-time nanny her boys, but they're all grown up now. Like... the oldest is taller than me & has a man-voice. Scary. Anyway... i adore her. We had breakfast. It was wonderful. And yes...very sunny day = squinty eyes!

8.) Ooh! Wanna see a creepy-ish pic? Last Friday i left work & got in the car...and noticed something a little different...
Yep. My rearview mirror was just chillin' on my dashboard!

* * * * * * * * 

Well... I guess that's enough thoughts for today! Hope you have a happy thursday! xoxo

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