Saturday, October 27, 2012

2012 Sandifer Family Reunion

Every year, Brad's mom's side of the family has a family reunion. Seriously, they've been doing it for decades. In fact, the guest book we used for this reunion went all the way back to 1978 - the year i was born. Crazy, right?! 

This was my 6th reunion which is hard to believe! 1997 when we dated the first time, 2008 when we were engaged & 2009-2012 as a married couple. :) 

I LOVE IT. It's the most fun anyone could have at a reunion! That's because Brad's family - both sides of them - are full of hilarious, sweet, generous people. 

This was back on October 13th - I realized I showed a few pics here and there, but didn't do an entire post with more pics from that day. We had a great time & I really enjoyed shooting in manual the whole time! Outside is easier for me, but going from sun to shade, sun to shade, was a little tricky! I got some good ones anyway, I think.

So here we go - sorry if i overload this post with photos!

 Sad this one's a little blurry - everybody loves Uncle Lonnie! 

 My sweet in-laws! 

 Jaimie & Brittany

I love this shot of Lynde & Matt. Lots of LSU fans there that day! ;)

 Such cute girls - Lainey & Breelyn. 

Matt's sons - Hayden & Zachary

  Audaleigh. What a DOLL.

I mean, look at those curls & eyelashes! 

* * * * * * * * * 

Brad's great grandparents started this whole Sandifer reunion thing. So every year they take a whole bunch of pictures that go like this... 




Audaleigh & Tucker - such cuties! 

They take pics of the individual families, too. Starting with these two. 
Uncle Lon & Aunt Margie. Aren't they sweet!? :) 

And there's also always a pic of the "in-laws" - aka... "out-laws" - ha!
Aka "the crazies that married into this family!" :) 

Mr Stan, Brad & Jaimie with Zulimmy. She is SO CUTE!!

The reunion is held at Brad's Uncle Kenny & Aunt Annette's house. So Lacy is always there, too. She is HUGE! Haha. 

 Jaimie with Matt & Lynde! 

 Amanda & Brittany

Kim, Rachel & Landon

 Tom & Hermelinda

Of course, there have to be silly pictures:) 
Zulimmy, Brittany, Jaimie, moi & Amanda

And my favorite of us... 

{Can't wait till next year!}

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