Friday, October 26, 2012

4 Things, y'all.

Hello! How is your Friday? Well, I saw this on Tricia Nae's blog & felt like a little break from work. I have been a very productive little worker bee today, so I think this is allowed!! I haven't even taken a lunch break!

And I know this is just a meme & I'll probably do the other Friday memes tonight, so...sorry. The week has been insane in some serious ways, so forgive me if i write about nothing for a few posts? Thanks. :) Y'all are awesome! So here we go...Four things! (Thanks, Tricia Nae!)

{4 Things I did 10 Years Ago} 
2002 - Hmm...  
-Worked as a volunteer youth leader for my church's youth group.
-Nannied for a sweet family.
-Attended LSU as an English major (or maybe I had quit by then? Memory is foggy!).
-Shared an apartment with my best friend Sarah. 

{4 Things I did 5 Years Ago} 
2007 - 
-Pretty much lived at the theater. Did a lot of shows back to back at this time.
-Worked part-time as an actor & part-time as a maid. 
-Shared a condo with my good friend Aimie & my doggie Fievel. 
-Became completely shocked when Brad waltzed back into my life after a breakup 11 years before! 

{4 Things I did Yesterday} 
October 25th
-Made a breakfast casserole for a coworker's shower but ended up being so late due to an accident on the interstate that I missed the shower! Therefore, made casserole for nothing! (It was so good, though!) 
-Said goodbye to my sweet boss who resigned from the company. :( 
-Left work early due to a family situation (can't give details but please keep us in your prayers!). 
-Rehearsed with the praise team for our Night of Worship this Sunday. Leading two songs by myself - EEK!

{4 Shows I Love to Watch} 
-Parenthood - New favorite! 
-Law & Order SVU - I'm obsessed with Mariska Hargitay. 
-Grey's Anatomy - {sigh}
-Big Bang Theory - Hilarious! 

{4 Things I Adore Doing} 
-Having dinner with girlfriends.
-Singing/Acting/Stage Managing 
-Getting my hair done, getting pedicures - ahhh, to be pampered. 
-Spending the Saturday mornings in my cozy spot with coffee, my laptop &/or a novel. 

Decided to add some of my own... 

{4 Singers I Love} 
-Kari Jobe
-Crystal Lewis
-Darlene Zschech

{4 Authors I Love} 
-Beth Moore
-Karen Kingsbury
-Francine Rivers
-Emily Giffin

{4 Favorite Apps}
-Zulily/Etsy (These can count as one, right?!)

{4 Favorite Places to Be}
-Parent's house or in-law's house
-Covenant Community Church
-Baton Rouge Little Theater

{4 Favorite Restaurants}
-Capital City Grill
-Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro
-Panera Bread - if one would open in BR that would be awesome (we are supposed to get one EVENTUALLY! First they said 2011 & it's now almost 2013...). 

{4 People I Want to Have Lunch With} 
-Beth Moore! I say this every time I leave Bible Study - "I love her! I want to have lunch with her!"
-Mariska Hargitay
-So many blog friends I have yet to meet! 

{4 Things I'm Doing this Weekend}
-Going to the ZOO! First time as a married couple - even though it's ACROSS THE STREET! 
-Leading two songs at church - I'm skeered! 
-Visiting family. 
-Meeting Brad at the bookstore... in 10 minutes! 

Well, that's good for now. Guess I better get back to work! 

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