Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Fill-In

So, I had no time to blog this week... it's been crazy. Actually, that's not true - i was home sick on Monday. But i was MISERABLE. :( On Tuesday I went to work at noon, after a doctor's appointment (where they told me the problem is that i am allergic to Louisiana. Isn't that lovely?!). I am feeling better now, though, for the most part (although i am still very congested! At least i don't feel like my head is going to explode from the sinus pressure!). 

How are you? I am so happy it's Friday. I love the weekends.

Let me fill in some blanks for you!

1. My favorite flower is daisies, especially gerber daisies. Also, poppies. I love roses, too. I'm not sure if i've ever seen a flower i DIDN'T like, though!
This is my wedding bouquet and i LOVE IT. One of my favorite things of that day! (See those cute white flowers? What are they? I don't remember but they're cute.)

2. You should never talk about a person's character flaws with someone who is going to be getting to know them also. Does that make sense? I really hate it when people do that, ESPECIALLY in the church or workplace. Let people form their own opinions. Now you have tainted someone's thoughts on someone else without them asking for it. It's unfair. (This is not to say I never say a negative word about anyone! I do confide with close friends, as i think we all do! But i refuse to stir up dissension in the church or workplace.)

That should be a whole blog post. Can't really explain myself in just a few lines!

3. My favorite discovery of late is my new friend, Mandy. I am sure putting a person here is not the norm, but seriously. We were instant friends when i started going to Covenant Community, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE her. So thankful for her friendship!! Her hubby is great too and a friend. He is our worship leader & Brad & I are LOVING being a part of the team with him... It's just the right fit for us. :)
Stolen from Mandy's FB. How do i not have a pic of them of my own? Sorry, Mandy. :)
But aren't they cute?! :)

4. This fall you will probably find me wearing the usual: BLACK. It's a requirement at work. :P But maybe BOOTS?! If i can find some?! I think i have been saying this for three winters now. I really need to get on that!

5. I wish I were on vacation all next week.

6. My favorite TV show currently is Law & Order SVU. 

7. This weekend I want to resist temptation at the family reunion tomorrow. There will be a LOT of tasty food there!!! :o/ I also would like my voice to start working again so i can sing Sunday. :o/


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