Saturday, October 6, 2012

Photo Shoot Practice: Brad

After reading Amy's post about her practice photo shoot with some girlfriends, I wondered why I don't ever do this for my own practice.  For some reason, I always use showers or parties as my practice. Not a bad thing, but those events are also filled with a lot of movement and bad lighting and not a lot of time for figuring out camera settings. I've used nature as practice, too, but right now I want to focus on taking better pictures of people. 

I was reminded of this when I read Sar's post where she made her friend Paul go on a photo shoot. She (and Amy, too, at the time) encouraged me to get a friend to go on a photo shoot. It is great practice! :)

So, today, the mood struck and I told brad to please humor me, put on a polo shirt, and come outside. Ha! He was confused, then said, "are you going to take pictures of me?" Haha! I am surprised he was agreeable! I think because I promised it would only take five minutes!

I know I have a major problem with a lot of these...that's why I'm posting! For help! So feel free to spout advice! Keep in mind they're all SOOC. No point in editing, if it's the actual shooting i need guidance on, ya know?

As you can see, when i started my settings were NOT correct! I knew this going into it, but had to post this one anyway. It makes me laugh. Brad says, "What am i supposed to do? Make a face like this?!" And then gives me an Erkel face. I love it. HAHA!
ISO - 400.

As you can tell, it's too dark. And blurry. So I keep adjusting settings and I keep clicking.
too blurry: f/5, 1/1600, ISO-400. 
too dark: f/4.5, 1/640, ISO-100.
getting there: f/5, 1/250, ISO-100.

And then... low and behold... progress was made? Or is it a little underexposed?
 f/4.5, 1/160, ISO-100.
Yes, Fievel is overdue for a grooming! Please excuse him! Haha!

All that changed is my exposure time, but I never feel like I understand how to control that... thoughts?

I got a few more good ones in, too.
 f/5, 1/160, ISO-100

 f/5.6, 1/250, IS0-100
I always wish i could paint him green & call him Oscar when he gets like this. ;)

If only it wasn't BLURRY!

I asked Brad to take off his glasses, and could not get ONE picture like this without his glasses! They were ALL too blurry. Is it because of movement on my part or his?
At this point, he is ready to go back in! Guess I'll practice more later!

Anyway, as you can see, i have PLENTY to learn! GEEZ! But next time I'll try to hang out a little longer for a photo shoot. I realize five minutes isn't going to get it, but that was all the time i could get today! 

I did like these...and did a little editing on them. But just a little. 

Aw. He's cute. I like him. ;)
* * * * * * 
So seriously. Any advice or thoughts for any of these pics would be great! And hopefully there will be more photo shoot practice in the future!

Thanks, Sarah & Amy for the inspiration! ;)

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