Monday, October 15, 2012

This weekend, I... (v. 4)

 This weekend was just... FANTASTIC! We had a family reunion (Brad's mom's side of the family... it's like the 46th one. My 6th, because I went when we dated the first time, the year we were engaged, and every year since we've been married.). 

They're always fun, but this one was the most fun. And the whole day was just perfect, really. The weather was nice, I made two dishes for the reunion and both turned out perfectly, it was a good "photography practice day", I found out that morning I lost 2 pounds the previous week... yep! So yeah... it was just a great day!

Anyway... here's a little summary... :o) 

This weekend, I made Green Bean Casserole & Butterfinger Cookies for the family reunion. Yum!
This weekend, I took WAY too many pictures of this doll at the family reunion.
I mean, i just couldn't get enough of this cutie patootie. So sweet, too! I wanted to take her home!

This weekend, I made a ton of silly faces with the crazy family I married into. 
 me & my sis-in-law, Jaimie

This weekend, I enjoyed every minute with my sweet & silly husband!
Excuse my hair. It was HOT & I was sweaty at this point!

This weekend, I pretty much used my camera NON-STOP at the reunion!

So there ya have it! Hope you enjoyed!! :) 
How was YOUR weekend?!

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