Monday, October 29, 2012

This weekend, I... (v. 5)

This weekend, I felt overwhelmed, stressed, worried, sad, fearful...& joyful. It was a rough weekend, overall. But good in a lot of ways, too. I'm not able to tell all our business here, but would you please pray for my family if you think about it? My parents & sister & me. We would really appreciate it!

This weekend, I felt like it was a constant date with Brad. We don't get out much. We like being at home. But this weekend we made plans & I am glad we did. Despite what is going on with my family, we still had some time together that definitely lifted my spirits. I love that man.

This weekend, I missed my mom. (Mom: LOVE YOU!)

This weekend, I went to the ZOO! Now you have to understand... we live ACROSS THE STREET from the zoo. I mean, basically. When i moved here when we got married, I said, "ooh! we live across from the zoo! we have to go!" Nearly four years later, WE ACTUALLY WENT! We had a GREAT time. And i got to practice some photography! :) It was FUN. (Full post coming soon!)

This weekend, I led worship at church! We had a Night of Worship & I led two songs: Healer & Beautiful (by Kari Jobe). I was SO nervous, y'all. It's been a few years since I have sung a solo in church & even longer since I've led worship! But it went very well & I was relieved! Thankful. 

This weekend, I took a shot of olive oil to make my voice work for my solo. It's a trick singers use that i just heard about - if you're having sore throat issues it will get you through. Um, it worked. But it did make me gag a little. Haha! (Can't believe I did that!)

This weekend, I felt OVERWHELMED with love for my church family. They really care when you are going through something. They really, really do. The concern & care they show... well, I am so thankful for it. For them. I am so glad God brought us to Covenant Community Church. 

This weekend, I ate at Boutin's with most of the fam. Good cajun food. The boudin balls were AMAZING!

This weekend, I (we) went to Barnes & Noble - TWICE! I got a book called "the south beach diet WAKE UP CALL". I am not doing South Beach but it is very similar to what i AM doing - or what i SHOULD be doing - obviously i got the book because i felt I needed a wake up call. :)

So what did YOU do this weekend? Link up with Syndal & Sar and tell us!

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