Monday, October 1, 2012

This weekend, I... (v. 2)

This weekend, I made over 60 Chicken & Cheese Roll-ups for a shower. My friend Mandy came over to help me, which made it fun. :) They were delicious & let me tell you, they were GONE very quickly at the shower! I'll be blogging that recipe in the next day or two!

 This weekend, I also made my chocolate chip pound cake, searched all over town for a gift bag big enough for our hostess gift, and threw the BEST shower for the sweetest couple I know! 

This weekend, I literally felt OVERWHELMED with joy and gratitude as a TON of people showed up to the shower despite the terrible weather! I also was so thankful for two awesome co-hostesses... we were on the same page with planning from start to finish!
Me with the other hostesses & the bride: Ashley, Becca, Tara & moi :)

This weekend, I got a pretty mug for a hostess gift...full of the most amazing candy I have ever had in my whole life. Party in my mouth, y'all. FOR REAL.
Cinnamon Graham Cookie, y'all. It is AMAZING!

This weekend, I finished this series. It was AMAZING! Cannot wait to start the Firstborn series!

 This weekend, I enjoyed a great time at church meeting our new youth pastor & his wife, Andy & Ashley! We had a dinner to celebrate and they told their testimonies and how they met. They are so sweet and i feel like they're going to be the perfect fit for our church. So happy they are here & so happy for our youth! (I also got mad for bringing my camera but realizing my memory card was left at home! So i got this blurry shot of them! Just to give you a visual! Ha!)

The weekend was WONDERFUL! Can't wait till the next! ;)

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