Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Becca & Michael's wedding!

I have been friends with Becca for more than 10 years now. Whenever I mention her to someone, I feel compelled to tell them what makes her so wonderful. Things like this: She's the most selfless person you will probably ever meet. She asks how you are doing & REALLY wants to know. She doesn't shy away from the hard questions if it's in an effort to help you or to be there for you. She always puts others before herself. Even with all of this, she is so humble, she recognizes her own faults (even if you don't see that any exist!). She is just a total sweetheart. Beautiful, inside & out. (People reading this that know her are just nodding in agreement, i bet! Everyone loves her.) 

 So when I tell you that she deserves a fairytale? She really does. And I am just so, so happy for her! Michael loves her SO MUCH, y'all. I know he will cherish her forever. 

They had a beautiful wedding & we had SO MUCH FUN! :)

Here are some pics. I will try to refrain from posting 4930304 of them!

We arrived & immediately spotted our good friends Adam & Katie...and baby Natalie! I met Natalie once when she was BRAND NEW! And we haven't had a chance to get together with them since! So I was really excited to get to hold her for a bit! She is SO SWEET! :)

Cute little family... Adam, Katie & Natalie

The ceremony was beautiful. I loved the fall decor. Here, they are praying with Pastor Terry.

The reception was a lot of fun! We grabbed a table with Adam & Katie, plus Amanda & Matt, our friends in town from California! So fun to spend time with all of them!
Amanda, Matt & baby Judah! My second time to meet him, too! So precious!

Judah & Natalie also got to meet... 
There are a lot more funny pics from this little introduction! Haha! 

Judah was SO CUTE in his little cap! 

I got some loving from sweet Judah too!

 LOVE this girl!! Really miss her!

 Me & Katie

Hubby & I had a great time! We took some cute pics in the photo booth, laughed & talked, & even got in a dance or two! Love him!

Of course we enjoyed watching the bride & groom, too!

 They are good dancers! ;)

So sweet. So fun! So happy for them!


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