Friday, November 16, 2012

Billy & Mandy {& the obsession continues}

If you read my blog regularly, you have noticed that we have some new friends in our world. We have gained several new friends because of our new church. And I love every one of them. But there are two in particular that we connected with immediately. Big-time. And we are kind of obsessed with them, as I confessed at the end of this post. :)

Billy & Mandy. They are both HILARIOUS, so much fun, and super nice. We LOVE them!

 Brad knew both of them for years, before they were together. He ran into Mandy one day & Billy walked up. Mandy said, "This is my boyfriend, Billy." & Brad about FREAKED when he realized who she was dating - his longtime friend Billy! Ha!  They've been married 10 years now, so that gives you an idea of just HOW long ago it was that Brad knew them! He didn't reconnect with them until we started going to church there...and even then, we had no idea what good friends they would be to us!

Billy is our praise team leader. He is awesome. Not just musically, but also in the WAY he leads the worship team. Not all praise team leaders are as easygoing & encouraging (towards the other singers & musicians) the way he is! Brad told me he has always looked up to Billy as a musician. And now I see why, because I do too. 

Mandy is SO sweet. She is so generous, always wanting to help others. She is easy to talk to. She encourages me. We have a lot in common & she "gets" me, totally! She also loves my dog & fusses at Brad if he is mean to him. Hahaha! ;) AND, she sewed a button on my jeans for me. THAT is a true friend, y'all! (No, i don't know how to sew on a button. Sad, I know.)

So, we have found some really good lifelong friends in this couple! And we are thankful! God knows just what we need when we need it! 

On to the reason for this post. 5 days of Mandy, y'all! I got to see my friend Mandy FIVE DAYS IN A ROW last week! SQUEAL!!!! I am missing her terribly this week. 

See, usually I see Mandy on Wednesdays & Sundays. Sunday is church, Wednesday is the Beth Moore Bible Study we're doing. But last week, I got to see her Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! WHAT! :) :) :) It was awesome! 

* * * * * * * * * * 

Wednesday was our Bible Study. We usually meet for dinner first at Central Perk. Ashley is another new friend. Her hubby (our youth pastor) was on a missions trip last week, and she was REALLY missing him, so we got her to come with us!

Thursday was so much fun! We (me, Mandy & Ashley) first met at Sammy's for dinner. THEN we went to Menchie's for dessert. And then they both came with me to CATO. I needed some new jeans & they joined me. We had a FANTASTIC NIGHT! Love those two!!!

On Friday night, they were going to have a live webcast of MULTIPLY, a conference about discipleship going on in Alabama (if i remember right!). It was being held at our church. Our texts the night before went like this:

Melissa: OMG! I just realized if i go to the Multiply thing, I'll see you FIVE DAYS IN A ROW!!!!
Mandy: You have to go then. :)

A few days later - 
Mandy: Are you going tonight?
Melissa: YES! Can't break that five day streak of seeing you! :) 

HAHA! So, yeah. I admit it. Part of my reason for going to Multiply, was to see Mandy. Not even kidding. But it was an amazing thing & I am glad I went!! Taught By David Platt & Francis Chan (who wrote Crazy Love). Good stuff! 

On the way to it, I had some spare time & thought it'd be so awesome if Mandy would meet me for dinner. But i didn't text her b/c I figured she was with Billy & was having dinner with him. Next thing i know, she texted me asking what I was doing. She ended up meeting me after all! Wahoo! 

Saturday, Brad & I went over to Mandy & Billy's. We had them to our house a couple months ago. Mandy cooked a DELICIOUS meal of some kind of bacon/cream cheese wrapped baked chicken, sauteed squash & zucchini, and rice. It was DELICIOUS! We watched TV & played Phase 10. You know you are having fun when you arrive at 6 and have to FORCE YOURSELVES to leave at almost midnight! And only because Mandy had to get up at 5 am the next day for work & Billy/Brad/myself had to be at church at 8:45 for music practice! Geez! Next time we will have to meet at like 4, so we can hang out longer! (Just realized i posted this pic already. Oops!)
Church! Saw them again for church! :)

It was pretty much happiness overload all week long!

This week? Not so much. Bible Study Wednesday was canceled due to a big city-wide church event (which we weren't going to b/c it was our anniversary). Thursday they did Bible Study but I couldn't go because my friend Becca is getting married Saturday & we went to dinner with her. 

So we will see Billy & Mandy again on Sunday. And then Wednesday, we are getting together at their house again! Yippee! 

But man! I've missed them this week! Thank goodness Mandy & I text pretty much all day long! :) 

Okay, sorry such a long post. Hahaha. Hello? Surely everyone has left me by now. But we just feel SO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL for their friendship! They are awesome people! 

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