Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breakfast & the Zoo! {Anniversary #4}

We never do the same thing for our anniversary. The first year we went on a road trip to San Antonio, Texas. We had major car issues on that trip. It was a lot of fun once we got through the being stranded in Beaumont & having to rent a car for the rest of the drive!

Our second year, we went to dinner at a very nice restaurant in town & Brad took me shopping! A sort of mini-spree for my gift. :)

Last year, we went to dinner at Cheesecake Bistro & saw the movie J. Edgar, which I didn't love. It was a good day, but it ended sad. Brad's sweet Granny went Home to Jesus later that evening (after a long fight with cancer). Can't believe she has been gone a whole year. We really miss her.

This year our anniversary fell on a Wednesday (November 14th). We decided to take the day off work! That in itself was awesome. I am thinking we should do that every year! Although next year is #5, and we always said we would travel for #5. And that is definitely still a possibility! 

So, we woke up, got dressed & went to have breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe. I LOVE THAT PLACE! It is delicious! :)

After that, we headed to the New Orleans Audubon Zoo! It was THE PERFECT day for the zoo. Gorgeous weather, no traffic either way, & it wasn't crowded. We had a great time. 

Of course, I took a LOT of pictures. I will try to only post my favorites. :)

The first thing you see at the Audubon Zoo is about a zillion flamingos.

Whooping Cranes

I always love the elephants. They're CUTE!

I couldn't stop looking at this tiger. Gorgeous! All of the animals were REALLY enjoying lounging around in this sunny but cool weather. It is not often that our weather is that pretty!

The lion seemed to be enjoying the sunshine & nice temps, too.

Is that the weirdest looking monkey you've ever seen? I think so!

Y'all. The orangutan was HILARIOUS. I really couldn't even believe it was an ANIMAL. Seemed like a cartoon. Like i was imagining him. Haha!

This guy cracked me up too. He's like, "Really? That's what you want to do? Take pictures of me?"

I always love the zebra. She wouldn't look at me, though!

Now, THAT'S a turtle!

I love the giraffe! Love! They were darker than most I've seen. One's spots were almost black. 

Even the birds just wanted to snooze the pretty day away.


I think we watched the jaguars the longest. They were quite entertaining. At first I thought they were fighting. Then, playing. Then it became pretty clear that they were um...Flirting. Yeah. 

They sure are pretty, though.

By the way...ever seen a jaguar yawn? Want to?

I really want to pet him. You know, with a professional jaguar trainer present!? :)

We had an absolutely WONDERFUL day together! So much fun! Love my man!
4 Years! 

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