Saturday, November 3, 2012

November is my favorite.

Hi. :) 

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! Yes, i did a post yesterday, but it was a scheduled post & it was just five questions! I feel like doing a bullet-point style post. Hope that's cool. :)

* * * * * * 

For those who sent comments & emails & texts checking on me after my recent post about our family needing prayer, THANK YOU. We are doing so much better. Things are looking up! I ask you to please continue to pray that things keep going in the right direction. But things ARE much better & I really appreciate your prayers for us. 

Work has been good. Easy. Quiet. Hopefully that's not the calm before the storm! 

 Ah...my beloved LSU lakes. I love walking there and it's been way too long. I walked the lakes again on Tuesday, but then I couldn't Wednesday or Thursday. I went yesterday & Brad came with me. :) We were going to go this morning, but then I remembered today is the big LSU/Alabama game & it's a big deal. There is no way i am going to that campus, it will be CRAZY! So we're going to walk our little neighborhood instead.

It's so beautiful there. And if you remember my obsession with the egrets, it's back. They stopped going for awhile, I gather they don't love really hot/humid weather? I don't blame them! Anyway, it has been beautiful there & I can't wait to go back with my camera. ;) 

These ducks CRACK ME UP. This road always has cars coming by because it's the road that gets you on & off the interstate. But they just take their sweet precious time crossing the street, no matter if a car is coming. Not a care in the world. And their waddle is so cute!

Met Megan from Tidbits from my World at McAlister's Deli for dinner after work on Thursday. LOVE HER, y'all. If you ever get the chance to meet a blog friend: DO IT. I have had the chance to meet several now & I have loved EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! So much fun! Anyway, I met Megan on the blog, through her sister Lindsey. But she lives in the same city! Small world. :) (Not for long, though...she is moving to Texas!) Anyway, this was our second time getting together & we talked & talked & talked. We have a lot on common & it's good to talk to someone who understands you & what you are going through. Also, she is hilarious. It took us FOREVER to get a decent pic (as you can see, above), but it was also kind of awesome because we were giggling like junior high kids the whole time. :) LOVE YOU, MEGAN! 

My old roomie, Aimie, found this note i gave her in the 8th grade. I think it's kind of awesome. Had to white out the teacher's names for my protection, HA! I am guessing i am talking about winning our basketball game, as 8th grade was the only year i played on a team of any kind...and i mostly sat on the bench. HA! Also, i cannot believe i had such messy handwriting. Maybe i was being lazy that day! Thanks, Aimie, for the laugh!

 I am in love with this show. I have even missed my long-time favorites like Grey's & Law & Order, & watching this instead. GREAT writing & acting. Love the conversation, and how the dialogue is just like real life.. The storylines too. It's about the Braverman family - the parents & their four grown children (and their children). I started it at the beginning on Netflix, so I'm just now on Season 2. It has me crying in one scene & cracking up laughing in the next. My favorite thing is that it's just parents doing the best they can with their kids. But they ARE parents, unlike past TV shows where it was always the parent's fault... (*cough*full house*cough*). This show is EXCELLENT. Love it.  

* * * * * * 

Well, it's NOVEMBER, a month I have decided is my VERY FAVORITE. For so long when someone would ask my favorite, i would say 'Um...i guess November or December or March or April". No...it's November. Why? Well, it's our anniversary on the 14th, my sister's anniversary on the 12th, my dad's birthday on the 12th, my mom's birthday on the 19th...etc etc! And don't forget THANKSGIVING, one of my favorite holidays! 

 On Instagram (follow me! Lissaraye33), I have been posting each day what I am most thankful for. It's easiest to post there because it automatically puts it on Twitter & Facebook. :) Day 1, my husband. Day 2, new friends. Day 3, old friends! I have noticed others posting in order of importance (Jesus was Day 1, husband was Day 2, kids were Day 3). I hope people know I'm not doing that! I hope my family isn't ticked i put friends before them! HAHA! I am saving them for their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Except i still put Brad for Day 1... what will I put for our anniversary?! We will see! :) 

So excited about our anniversary, by the way. We decided to take the day off work & go to the New Orleans Zoo! WOOHOO! We were going to just go to the BR Zoo again, but I have been wanting to go with Brad to the NOLA zoo forEVER now, so i asked him & he agreed. YAY! :) It's SO much bigger & nicer than the BR Zoo & we were supposed to go last year since I was already in New Orleans for my sister's wedding, but we had a death in the family the same weekend. :( So this year is the year! It will be a fun day! 

Well. That was a really long post! I think you are officially caught up on everything in my life. :) 

  I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend!!!! :)

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