Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Heart

I love Thanksgiving. Always have.

I try to keep an attitude of thankfulness all year. As I'm going throughout my day & something great happens, or a prayer is answered, I'll thank my Father. Not a quick rushed prayer... I am often in my car when i reflect on the things He's doing in my life & I will take a moment to praise Him & thank Him for what He has given me, or what He is doing in my life.

There are times, though, that i get stuck in the trap of negativity. I start counting my trials instead of my blessings. I start playing that comparison game, which is never a good idea! I forget that, even in the hard times, God is working in my life! Behind the scenes! I may not see it, but it's happening. He is there, He sees it all, and He is taking care of me - in His way, in His time. And I am thankful for that!

I call Psalm 30:11 & 12 my testimony verse. That is because once upon a time I was hurting. I hated who i was, i had no self-esteem, I was depressed & discouraged. But God lifted me up. He turned my sorrow into joy, as that scripture says! And you know... I know He will do that again. :) This year has been hard in some big ways, but in other ways it's been WONDERFUL!

I am so blessed. And i know you are, too. And even if you are going through a really hard time right now, I pray that you are able to sit back today & realize how much God has done for you. And that you will trust that He is going to continue to take care of you. He loves you so much!

* * * * * * 

We had an awesome day today. We went to Brad's Aunt Sylvia & Uncle Jerry's house for some thanksgiving day food with his family. I have to tell you I am VERY proud of myself for using self-control in my eating. I do not know where this ability to resist temptation has come from but i am thankful for that ! :) I had no dessert, no rolls, and no sweet tea (which is big here!). But don't worry... I did not feel deprived!

Here are some cell phone pics! Brought my camera but forgot the memory card! Oops!
 Lynde, Jaimie & Matt

 This is Brad's Uncle Kenny, Aunt Annette, cousin Matt, & Matt's fiance Lynde. Zach & Hayden are Matt's sons & Breelyn is Lynde's daughter. Love having Lynde & Breelyn join the fam! ;)

 SO thankful for my in-laws. LOVE them so much! My MIL (Cheryl), SIL (Jaimie) & FIL (Stan). Sweet, funny, welcoming people.

 Matt & Lynde

 Me & my sweet love!

My dessert...Homegrown Louisiana Satsumas! So glad Brad's cousin brought them!

Tomorrow we travel with my parents to Mississippi to visit my two grandmothers, my great-aunt & my aunt paula and uncle gary. I am super excited to also see my cousin Ben & his wife (who i have never met!). Not to mention their twin babies (I haven't met them either!). YAY!

Hope you had a wonderful day!

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