Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had actual thanksgiving day at home. On Friday morning, though, we got up, got packed for the weekend, and headed to my parent's house. We road with them to Grenada, Mississippi, the small town where both of my parents are from.

 This tree in my grandmother's yard... It was beautiful!

We had a great time! We stayed at my dad's mom's house in a king-size bed, which was lovely! (We have a queen at home.) Fievel even slept with us which we do NOT allow at home, but the bed was so huge we didn't even notice he was there... HA! 

My Uncle Mike & Aunt Jean (in from Texas...which is weird to say because they just moved there after living in Montana for most of my life) were visiting also, so it was great to see them! They have a Chihuahua named Pepper, and I have to say...that was the friendliest, cutest Chihuahua I have ever met. Fievel met his match! They played & played & played...& wore themselves OUT!

Aunt Jean & Pepper... Fievel's new BFF.

We also went to my Aunt Paula & Uncle Gary's house (my mom's sister). Both my cousins, Ben & Brady, were there. I also met their new cat, Sajja. Isn't he beautiful? I think so! I did a little photography practice on him! 
 Love the white paws.

The best thing ever is that I finally got to meet Ben's family! He & his wife married 2 years ago, but they live in Missouri, so we just haven't been able to meet her yet. She was SO SWEET. I just loved her & am kind of sad that I only got about an hour total to get to visit with her. Hopefully we'll head up to Missouri or they'll head to Louisiana sometime! :) 

ANNNND we also finally got to meet Ben & Marcy's twins, Caleb & Lily. That was definitely the highlight of the trip. Those two are ADORABLE! The first night Caleb just sat in my lap & looked at me. Played with my necklace & my hair & all. Lily wanted nothing to do with me. But when we went back & I reached to pick up Caleb, Lily got jealous! She ended up wanting me the whole time! It was almost their nap time, so they were tired, and Lily ended up falling asleep on me... her mama said nobody's ever been able to rock her to sleep since she was a newborn. I guess I still have "the touch"?! :)

REALLY REALLY loved those babies. So...that's why most of my pics are of them. Aunt Paula snapped photos for me while we loved on these cutie pies. Such adorable sweet kids! And it is SCARY how much Caleb looks like Ben did as a baby.

 me & my mom with caleb & lily. 

Such good-natured babies. I LOVE THEM! I'm just smitten, can you tell?

It was a short but sweet little trip! We are glad to be home, though. Except, i don't wanna go back to work! I did get another day off... today. Brad & I got up this morning & met our friends Billy & Mandy for breakfast. We went to Another Broken Egg - our favorite, but they'd never been. They loved it. We had a great time. I was having withdrawals since we only saw them once last week (& won't see each other again until Sunday! WAHHH!).
 Brad & Billy

Mandy & Melissa

After breakfast, they tagged along with me to Hobby Lobby. Love them! They are awesome. I got me a cute coffee mug & a christmas ornament as reward for my 10 days sober (of sweets). Hey, don't laugh! 10 days without sweets through a holiday & a roadtrip is deserving of some kind of prize! ;)

We attempted a group pic. Which is always hilarious! This one cracks me up! Notice Mandy's head in Brad's armpit. HA! I die every time i look at this.

AND it's back to work tomorrow. But then... Christmas is soon!!! :)

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving, too.

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