Monday, November 5, 2012

This weekend, I... (v. 6)

Linking up with Syndal & Sarah to share the highlights from my weekend! 

This weekend, I apparently did nothing on Friday. Probably came home & watched episode after episode of Parenthood. Such exciting lives we lead. But i love that show, y'all. I'm on Season 3 now. 

This weekend, I braved LSU's campus to walk the lakes. I know I said in my last post I wasn't going to even attempt to go there on game day, but I changed my mind. It's just such so much prettier than our neighborhood! And I have to do a longer walk there (you know, if i want to make it back to my car!). It wasn't too bad. Lots of game day traffic, but it didn't affect me since the lakes are right off the interstate. :) 

 This weekend, I kind of got into the spirit of things walking on campus on game day. I'm not really a football fan, which I understand is tragic being that I'm in Louisiana and even attended LSU. I am definitely in the minority, let me tell you! Everyone else is OBSESSED! But yeah. It was kind of fun on campus Saturday. Such a spirit of anticipation & excitement in the air. Lots of fans walking or riding their bikes around the lakes, lots of purple & gold.  You could even hear the Tiger Band as they practiced somewhere. Pretty cool. :) 

 This weekend, I went to church & sang with the praise team. I am SO HAPPY to be singing again & I LOVE our praise team! Especially that handsome guy in the light blue shirt. :)

This weekend, I GOT MY MANDY BACK!!!!! Oh my goodness. I love this girl. She & her husband (who is our worship leader - the guy in the far right of the praise team photo) have been on vacation all week & I was having withdrawals. Which makes no sense because we only see them at church on Sundays & I see Mandy on Wednesdays. But still. I am so thankful they are our friends. We hit it off SO easily & are so thankful for their friendship. :)

This weekend, I went with Brad to have lunch with Billy & Mandy after church. We had SUCH a good time & they treated us which was totally absurd & not necessary, but what can i say? They love us as much as we love them! :) :) Haha. We will be treating them next time!! 

I get to see Mandy on Wednesday AND Thursday this week AND we're having dinner at their house on Saturday. So obviously... I am going to see them a lot more than usual this week & I am SO excited!

Do i sound psycho yet? Just a little overly obsessed with this couple? I know. I'm sorry. It's just that we all just click! And I don't think I'm scaring them. Yet. :) 

What'd you do this weekend?

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