Monday, November 12, 2012

This weekend, I... (v. 7)

Wow. I haven't posted since the last TWI. That is really awful. And sad. And I'm sorry!! 

This was a BUSY week! But definitely busy in a good way. It was actually a fantastic week. 

So...here's a little weekend catch-up for you! 

 This weekend, I GOT MY RING BACK! WAHOO! Okay, so my wedding band has been missing two diamonds for quite some time. It wasn't easily noticeable because it was the diamonds hidden by the bigger diamond on the engagement ring. But still. Also the yellow gold had come through on the backside. They redipped them, replaced the diamonds, cleaned them & had them soldered together! (That spelling does not look right, but it is!) They told me it'd be ready Monday but it was ready FRIDAY & I was SO HAPPY! I really can't stop looking at it. It looks as beautiful as the day he gave it to me. :) 
This weekend, I went to church for a live webcast called MULTIPLY.  You may have heard of Francis Chan & David Platt? Well, they teamed up together to do a teaching on discipleship. It was very good & you can watch it for free here.

This weekend, I fell in love with this song while watching Multiply. Oh my goodness. Can't get it out of my head. It's a great worship song by Aaron Keyes. 

This weekend, I had to give Fievel a bath. Y'all... I hate bathing him. I know he's little but he's also incredibly squirmy!  The groomer says he's perfect for them, so i think it's because he knows I don't know what I'm doing! Ha! Anyway... i have to tell you... he was better than he's ever been before! (I had to bathe him because i forgot to get him a grooming appointment before his pictures! See next TWI.)
This is what drowned rat looks like!

This weekend, I got to meet Callie of Callie Hill Photography for a little photo shoot! She offered a great deal on a mini-session & I jumped on it. She was SO sweet & easy to work with, and i can't wait to see our pics! Hello, Christmas Cards! {squeal!}

This weekend, I went to the famous Billy & Mandy household for a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! Haha! This is that couple that we are semi-obsessed with (see my last post). We went over & watched TV & ate a DELICIOUS dinner & played Phase 10. OMG. Had a TON OF FUN. You know it's fun when you get there a little after 6 & have to MAKE yourself leave at almost midnight when you discover your friend bestie has to be up at 5 am. Oh, man. Fun times. Love them! 

A great time was had by all! 

How was YOUR weekend?!

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  1. We use Callie too!!!! She's amazing and so reasonable! We love her! We went last weekend! So funny! Can't wait to see your pictures!


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