Monday, November 26, 2012

This weekend, I... {v. 9}

Here's a sneak peek post from the weekend. Details to come as I will recap our little trip to visit family for Thanksgiving! :) 

This weekend, I went to Mississippi to visit family with my parents & my husband. We had a good time. The dogs were so cute in the car on the way up. 
Our dog Fievel & our parent's dog Molly in mom's lap. 

This weekend, I finally got to meet my cousin's wife & their TWIN babies. Oh my gosh, y'all. I am in LOVE! They were so cute, funny & sweet! 
me with Caleb & Lily. 

This weekend, I also met my aunt's new cat, Sajja & practiced a little photography on him.
Such a beautiful cat! 

This weekend, I ... WE ... cracked up laughing watching these two dogs play! Fievel always wants to play with other animals...either squirrels or cats (that run from him) or big dogs (that want to eat him). This is a dog he actually COULD play with. And they had a BLAST. 
Fievel & my aunt's dog Pepper

This weekend, I learned this game. And played it for a few hours. And now i MUST go out & get our own. It was FUN! And funny. Ha! 

This weekend, I was so glad my parents agreed to stop at my favorite place to and from Mississippi. We ate there for lunch on the way up & for breakfast on the way back. It's in Jackson right off the interstate & we love it. I can eat healthy there... so much better than fast food!

This weekend, I completed TEN DAYS OF NO SWEETS! Aka...no pie, no cake, no crackers, no cookies, no candy, no sweet tea, no CHOCOLATE... I honestly am in shock. I didn't think i could do it. But i did. And I am going to keep going.

This weekend, I didn't have all of the above items through a holiday and while on a roadtrip. Two things that are always major problems for me. WOOHOO!! WIN! :) 

So...what'd you do this weekend? Link up with Syndal or Sar!

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