Monday, November 19, 2012

This weekend, I... {v. 8}

Well, it's getting late, but I had a great weekend so I think I will still link up with Sar & Syndal for This Weekend, I! :)

This weekend, I had lunch with the fam to celebrate mom & dad's birthdays! (Dad's is on the 12th; Mom's the 19th.) We went to Zea's & it was DELISH!

This weekend, I resisted temptation to all things sweet & sugary! No cake! Neither of these which were in my face at lunch & at church Sunday (my mom brought leftovers!). I even resisted wedding cake Saturday night! This is all nothing short of miraculous since #1, I love cake & #2, I have not been able to say "no" in the face of such deliciousness. Yay, me! As of now, I am five days sober! Ha!
This weekend, I went to this beautiful girl's wedding! I am SO happy for my sweet friend Becca!! She is so kind, so generous, so DESERVING of a husband who treats her like a queen! And I know Michael will...he is smitten! ;) It was wonderful to be able to celebrate with them!

This weekend, I got to hang out with two of our favorite couples that we don't get to see too often! We had a great time with them at the wedding!
Natalie, Adam, Katie, Amanda, Judah & Matt!

This weekend, I got some baby time! And loved every single minute!
Me & Baby Judah

This weekend, I had lunch with mom at Bistro Byronz & then saw Always..Patsy Cline at Baton Rouge Little Theater! My good friend Charlynn was playing Louise (Patsy's friend) & she was HILARIOUS! Mom says Alaina WAS Patsy Cline - her voice, her mannerisms, everything. I didn't know how much I'd love it, but y'all. It was an EXCELLENT production!
Me with Patsy & Louise (aka my friends Alaina & Charlynn)

This weekend, I ran into my friend Phil at the show. He cracks me up!

It was a great weekend! How was yours!? :)

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