Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

How's your week been? Ours has been awesome! Mainly because Wednesday was our annivesary! Four years! We took the day off, had breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe (it's delicious!), and then went to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans! It was a fantastic day together! Love him! I will do a whole post on our day later, but I gotta go ahead & show you this one!
Isn't she a beauty!?

Mom got me a gorgeous big serving bowl for an anniverary gift! I have the Emma dishes from Potterybarn & wanted to start collecting the serving pieces that go with it. This bowl is enormous & what does Brad say when he sees it? "Aw, that would make the PERFECT ice cream bowl!" Hahaha! Mom got a kick out of that one! 

Going to see my good friend Charlynn in her play "Always, Patsy Cline" at our local theater Sunday afternoon! My mom & I are going. I am so glad I got a ticket ahead of time because they are SOLD OUT! For the whole run. To think I almost missed it?! Yikes! 

I ate healthy all day today! Now, to keep it up! 

Next week is THANKSGIVING! How did that happen?! I gotta tell you, I'm super excited! Wednesday night our friends are coming over for dinner! Thursday we are having Thanksgiving with my in-law's! Friday, we are traveling with my parents to Mississippi to see some family I haven't seen in over a year...and three new family members that I have never met! (My cousin's wife & their twin babies!!! The twins are 1. I can't wait! :) 

I always feel like our anniversary starts the AMAZING part of the year - thanksgiving & christmas. WOOHOO! Excited. It is kind of mind boggling how fast time flew by though! Geez.

I am finally caught up on Parenthood. Such a great show.

Tonight I went to dinner with some girlfriends before Becca's wedding on Saturday! Love this girl & SO happy for her that she has found a great guy who loves her & treats her like a queen! She deserves the BEST. 
Tallie, Katie, Amanda, Becca & me!

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