Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Christmas get-together!

Every year for the past few years we have gotten together with 3 couple-friends of ours for a Christmas get-together. It's usually right before or after Christmas, and it's usually because our friends Amanda & Matt are in town from California. They couldn't come in town this year, though, and we really really missed them! We still had our night, and Becca invited another couple from their church to join us - Rachel & Darren. I already knew them a little - Rachel leads worship at Victory, and has such a beautiful voice! It was fun to get to know them a little bit more! 

Becca made an AMAZING dinner of Vegetable Enchiladas...y'all. It was FANTASTIC. Definitely need the recipe! She had sides of black beans & rice. Dessert was a brownie, but she had fruit JUST FOR ME because I'm not eating sweets. Fruit is a sweet, but you know what i mean! How sweet & thoughtful is that?! Love her.

So here are some pics from the evening. :)

 Adam & Katie 

 Rachel & Darren

 Me & my love! 

The newlyweds - Becca & Mike

Adam & Katie's sweet baby girl joined us too! She was SO GOOD! Love her. 

 They're so cute! And they both take their coffee black. I think people who take their coffee black are cool. Even though i can't bring myself to do it! Ha!

 We played Apples to Apples. It is such a great game with the right people - and this was a great group for it! Hilarious! :)

Just another round of Apples to Apples!

This picture cracks me up! Love this baby girl!

 Mike & Becca's tree. :)

 Brad even got some love from sweet Natalie! I promise he's not dropping her! She was loving him tipping her backwards! She wanted to do it again & again!

This pic was taken by Brad on accident while we were getting ready to take a pic together. I LOVE IT. Isn't she beautiful!? Inside & out! 

Daddy & Daughter 

 Finally got to give this ornament to Becca & Mike - bummed i couldn't get it to them BEFORE Christmas, but oh-well! Isn't it pretty? I ordered it from Etsy & i LOVE it! 

 Tank joined us at the end of the party. I had never met Tank. What a SWEET BEAUTIFUL DOGGIE!

Me, Katie & Becca. LOVE these two!

SO, we had a great time! Looking forward to next year - and hopefully some time together between now & then, too! :)

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