Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A new tradition - and a little bit of crazy.

This was our first time going to our church on Christmas Eve. 

About six years ago, I spent Christmas Eve with my sister in another town and went to her church on Christmas Eve. And then a couple of times I have gone to my sis-in-law's church to hear her sing on Christmas Eve. But our own churches have not had a Christmas Eve service... until this year! And I'm really glad! 

As soon as I heard we were having a Christmas Eve service, I thought we would go & that maybe it would be a new tradition for us. We really enjoyed it. We sang Christmas carols & a couple of worship songs led by our awesome worship leader, Billy. My hubby played the organ right beside him, but myself and the rest of the band & singers worshiped from the pews. Our pastor has been out of town, visiting his wife's family up north, but our youth pastor gave an awesome word. And then we took communion. 

It was sweet and special and even though our church is small, we had a really good turn out. 

After service, we stayed visiting with friends for a bit. Mandy & I had both brought our cameras... I wasn't even sure WHY I  wanted to bring my camera. But then all of THIS happened...and as you can imagine... I am very glad I brought my camera! HA!

It started out innocent,  you see. Mandy just wanted a couple of pictures of us. 
Mandy, Me, & Ashley

 Brad, Andy, & Billy

 Andy & Ashley, Billy & Mandy - four of my FAVORITES! 
(Andy is our youth pastor, Billy is our worship leader.)

Then it got a little bit CRAZY. We were laughing HYSTERICALLY! 

 Ashley looks a little psychotic, no? 

 This might be my favorite. Also, I am pretty certain that Ashley was a cheerleader in a former life! 


I freaking LOVE these people. They are hilarious! Ashley is actually Brad's cousin but kind of distant, so i never got to know her until her hubby became our youth pastor just a few months ago. She is ADORABLE.

  And you know i love Billy & Mandy, I've gushed about them enough on the blog! Haha.
I love this pic of Mandy! She is my GIRL! 

Anyway. More crazy pics. We had so much fun. I love them!

That last one of Billy really scares me. Haha!
It was a fun time. Not really sure what got into us, but... well... we are always pretty crazy!

I am SO THANKFUL for our new friends. LOVE THEM! 

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  1. Such a fun time! I can't believe your church had never done a Christmas Eve service before! My favorite is when it's a candlelight service. You guys look like you just have a great time together!


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