Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas #3 {Christmas Eve}

So, here we go. Christmas #3! 

After Christmas Eve service and the hilariousness that followed, we headed over to Brad's parents to exchange gifts between the five of us. Have I ever mentioned that i LOVE Brad's family? They are so sweet & funny & easy to be around. :) 

We drank coffee &/or wassail (a hot apple spice kind of drink), ate some snacks, and opened gifts. Once again, we were very blessed with all our goodies! 

For some reason I love this. Everyone cozy in their own chair! It was very low-key, if you can't tell! Brad & I were in the loveseat! :) This pic is my mom-in-love, sis-in-love & dad-in-love opening gifts! (I am saying "in-love" instead of in-law, in case you didn't catch on!)

 This was such a thoughtful gift! Mrs Cheryl found Brad's Granny's recipe for Chili while cleaning out her house after she passed away last November. She put all the ingredients in a basket & typed up the recipe for me. I thought it was sweet. 

I have a thing for coffee mugs... so this one was added to my collection!
I also got several other goodies, too!

From Jaimie (Brad's sister), I got a Macy's gift card, he got a Barnes & Noble gift card, and we both got a McAlister's gift card. WOOHOO!

We ended the night by watching the gift I gave Jaimie - the movie Pitch Perfect. Have you seen it?! This was particularly exciting for me because my friend Shelley is in the movie! She plays Ashley, who is one of the Bella's. (She is on the back of the DVD case with a white shirt & holding a microphone! Haha!) I was seriously grinning ear to ear every time her face was on the screen. I was her stage manager for the musical The Producers & I LOVE HER. I may have stage managed her in other shows too, i can't remember. But she is adorable, and so is her sister... basically if you know them, you love them! Haha!

I was surprised, though, to see that my friend Stephen was ALSO in the movie as one of the Treble's. He & I were in Urinetown, the musical together! And then during the audition scene i saw Adam, ANOTHER guy i know! And it was filmed at LSU. And the audition scene was filmed in the Manship Theater where i used to work! Sorry to keep rambling but it was really crazy & FUN to see not only places i know so well but people i know, too! Who have more than  just an extra part! Ha! Fun times! It was a funny movie. :) 

Speaking of movies, i am DYING to see THIS! Our theater got the rights to perform in Summer of 2013. And I have heard NOTHING but good about this movie version. Did you see it? What did you think?

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