Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas #4! {Christmas Day}

On Christmas Day, we went to Brad's Uncle David & Aunt KK's house to celebrate with family. You should know that Uncle David & Aunt KK have what is probably my dream home. I absolutely LOVE IT. I swear they thought of everything when they built this house! :)

You can see some of their house in this picture, although I was actually taking it of the MAJOR STORM that was brewing. Tornado warnings & lightning & thunder & LOTS of wind! It felt like a hurricane was coming! Geez! The electricity went out twice, but only for a few seconds. 
Seems like it brought a cold front, though, which is EXACTLY what was needed! 77 degrees is just too hot for Christmas, even in Louisiana!

That picture was actually taken as we were running to Brad's parent's future home so we could see the new flooring put in. I just KNEW it was going to rain on us and ... it did! Thankfully we got back before it started pouring!

I absolutely love spending holidays with this side of brad's family. They are all SO MUCH FUN! I took more pics at this Christmas than the other three, probably because we were there the longest (from one pm to six pm). We had a blast ... & the food! SO GOOD! 

PHOTO DUMP TIME. :) Please forgive all the pics & captions... I feel the need to explain who is who, so if you really could care less, just keep scrolling. Haha.

 my sweet in-loves

 Megan, Clay, Jaimie, Brad & Matt. {Megan & Matt are siblings & Brad's cousins. Jaimie is Brad's sister. Clay is Megan's new husband.}

 Brad's cousin Whitney who is just adorable. And hilarious. 

 Me & my beautiful sis-in-love, Jaimie

 Silly cousins - Brad & Matt 

 Siblings Cayde & Hayden. Doesn't Hayden have the most beautiful hair?! 

Do you love dressing?! (aka stuffing) Jaimie & Whitney do!! Haha! 

 Megan & baby Izaac 

My father-in-love, his sister Paula, her hubby Cliff & their granddaughter Hayden! 

We played a hilariously fun game where a gift ($20 in this case) is wrapped a zillion times. You have to try to open it with oven mitts on! Meanwhile, the person next to you rolls the dice until they get a six, and when they do, your turn is up!
It was hilarious!!! I couldn't believe how many times Aunt KK had wrapped that $20 bill! :)

 Aunt KK with her first grandbaby, Izaac 

 Brad's cousin Chad with his son Cayde. 

 Cousins Whitney & Megan

This might be my favorite one of the day. :) 
Haha! Now we see where he gets it! ;) 

The only pic we got of us was a cell phone pic. OOPS! 

Hope I didn't bore you with all of these pics! I have enjoyed looking at your Christmas re-caps though! :) Hope this new year 2013 is the best one for you yet!

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