Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas decor!

I've been meaning to take pics of the Christmas decor at our house, but with this play I haven't had a chance! I have done 16 shows in 14 days! Geez Louise! Today is our last one. It's been fun but i am so ready to start enjoying Christmas festivities, & family time! 

Oh, that's just the December page of our calendar. I like it. :) 

I absolutely love our stockings! They were on sale for $5 at Potterybarn right after we got married & then I got them monogrammed at a shop where i used to work. I love them!

Mom had gotten us that serving bowl for our anniversary this year - it is part of Potterybarn's Emma Collection, and i have their dinnerware. I threw in some Christmas ornaments for an easy centerpiece. The little nutcrackers, though! Aren't they the CUTEST!? Salt & Pepper shakers from Pier One. I LOVE THEM. Haha!

This hangs in our kitchen year round & I always have WAY too many Christmas Cards and end up having to cover half of them! I am so glad i got me an actual Christmas Card holder this year - something I'd been meaning to do - so i could display them ALL!

Here is the holder i got from Pier One! I love it & all of our sweet cards! :) 

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree 

Here's a pic of our tree! It's a little bigger than last years. Next year we plan to get a full size one, though! Unfortunately the tree topper i got from Pier One was too heavy for the tree! :(

 Tree topper that will have to wait for next year!

 I might have gone overboard at Pier One when we went! Ha! I got this little tree for our bedroom. :) 

 This is our nativity set & it is very special to me. It's the one mom always put out growing up, and she gave it to me after Christmas last year. I always thought the ceramic figures were just beautiful. The picture does not do it justice! Mom had given me the stable but it broke, so i put them on a blanket instead. That's the way she always did it growing up anyway. :)

New Ornament from Hobby Lobby! 

One of my favorite ornaments from when i went to Kraynak's with Laura last year!

My favorite. :)

Merry Christmas, y'all!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the Christmas card holder...I've been searching for something like that. Love your tree too!


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