Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Wishes

One of my favorite things about Christmas is giving gifts. It's fun! I feel like our families take a lot of the fun out of it by mostly requesting gift cards... but it does make things easier & I do want to get them what they really want!

I am past the age where getting presents is the most exciting part of Christmas. There is so much more to it, like getting to spend time with family & friends, and the true reason we celebrate Christmas at all!  I love Christmas, and would love it whether i got gifts or not.

That being said, I love when others post wish list posts, and I like writing them myself! So...here are a few things I would love to receive this year!

{Christmas Wish List 2012}

I feel like I can never have enough earrings. And necklaces. I love jewelry. I saw a ton of pretty necklaces in Charming Charlie yesterday! 

I love little tiny earrings, like these...
                                                                                        Source: pinterestcrazy.com via Melissa on Pinterest

                                                  I also love more dangly ones like these!
                                                                                                           Source: laylagrayce.com via Melissa on Pinterest

And I keep saying I need a jewelry armoire. I have a small one that stands on top of the dresser, but it isn't tall enough to hold my long necklaces...and suddenly I have a few long necklaces laying on top of the dresser! I want a jewelry armoire, but I'm just not sure the size/style/color & have no clue where I'd put one. Maybe next year?!

I didn't tell anyone but i really want & need another pair of Brooks! If i get any money for Christmas, that's probably what I will get. They're AWESOME shoes, but i wore them out last year because i was an exercise machine. Not so much anymore, but ready to get back to it! And right now? If i wear my current ones for more than a few minutes, my feet start aching. :( It's time.

                                                                                                                        Source: pinerly.com via Melissa on Pinterest

I desperately need a pair. No, want. No...need. Definitely need.
Like these...
{A new PURSE}
This is another desperate need. Mine has HAD IT. I really like this one from Etsy

 Apparently all I need is shoes & accessories? Haha!
I also wouldn't mind a gift card to any of the following! 


I did get two gifts already, by the way... 
I was very surprised, but excited, to receive two gifts from work! Our company gave each of us a gift card for a pair of TOMS & our new boss gave us each a Smoothie King gift card! WHAT?! I love Smoothie King & I've never had a pair of TOMS. I went on their website & gee... there are WAY too many to choose from. But here is a pair that i actually pinned ages ago. So maybe... we shall see!

So there ya go! What do you wish for this Christmas?! :)


  1. You'll be able to give an awesome pair of shoes to a child in need thanks to that generous gift from your company. I have spent time working in a school in Guatemala doing mission work and have seen many children who have a pair of TOMS that allow them to meet the dress code requirements to attend school. Have fun picking...there are so many awesome ones! Merry Christmas.

  2. Gah, the toms website is such a time sucker for me! I own five pairs and I could buy at least ten more and not be happy!


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