Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hello, darlings.

There is no good reason for me being up this late. I am EXHAUSTED. And yet, here I sit at the laptop. I really should go to bed!

It's been a VERY full but very good week. I am running sound for the theater's play, A Christmas Carol. It is fun. There are a lot of cues, and a lot of bringing volume up & down & muting mics & unmuting mics & turning up floor mics and hanging mics & putting batteries in mics & giving to actors & ...well, you get the idea. 

I am enjoying it! Sometimes calmly, sometimes while slightly freaking out. :) But I'm getting it.

Opening night was last night & can I tell ya? Two huge tables FULL of nothing but DESSERTS! Y'all! No fruit. No veggies. NOTHING. BUT. SWEETS. Did i mention I'm not having sweets? I just can't do moderation, at all, and had to get serious. Anyway. I refrained from eating any. And this morning? For my weekly weigh-in? A 1.4 pound loss! HECK YES! Missing dessert was totally worth it! 

So Week 1 of this show is done with. We had rehearsal Monday & Tuesday, preview nights (technically rehearsal but with an audience) Wednesday & Thursday, opening night last night and then two shows today. Tomorrow we have two shows as well. (The 2-show days are killer days!) Then next week there are 7 shows in 6 days. Hoping it all goes smoothly. 

How much Christmas shopping have i done? NONE. I did go shopping with my mom & sister last weekend...and only got Christmas decor. OOPS. 

Honestly...just procrastinating here. I should be going to bed. I think this might be the most boring post ever? Hmm. I think I shall go to bed now. Have a great rest of your weekend!

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