Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Swap Reveal!

I had so much fun being a part of Syndal, Kaity & Shannon's Santa Swap!

I got my gift on Tuesday & really loved everything my Santa sent to me!

It turns out that my Secret Santa was Shannon from Page Twenty-Two! I have been a follower of Syndal & Kaity's for several months now, I think, but I didn't come across Shannon's blog until I got this sweet gift. So glad to meet you, Shannon! ;) 

My gift started with a very sweet Christmas card. And i LOVED my gifts!
 Coffee mug. Chocolate. & a really cute scarf! 

* * * * 
Not sure why, but lately I have a thing for coffee mugs. We LOVE coffee around here, and I love having different coffee mugs to choose from! Haha! 

I also love the saying "keep calm & carry on". Come to think of it...this might should be my coffee mug for the office. Sometimes i need the reminder! ;)
 GREAT idea for me, Shannon! 

I also really loved the scarf. I have a few but most of them are great for the very cold weather. We don't get very much cold weather here, though, so i have really been wanting a lighter scarf, you know... just to accessorize. 

We have to wear all black to work but can accessorize with color! So this was perfect! And i LOVE IT. 

Um, yeah...please excuse the tired eyes, goofy pic, and that i didn't do the scarf right...oh, and that I'm in my NIGHTGOWN, haha! I just really wanted to try it on & take a pic for the linkup! 

Thanks so much, Shannon! Love it!

P.S. I was paired with Kelly B., J.D. & was excited to be her Secret Santa. I had not read her blog before, so it was fun to meet someone new! ;) Love your blog, Kelly! And hope you liked the gift!! 

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