Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Support & Love for Sandy Hook.

{Not sure if i should post this because I'm obviously not being very silent... I meant to, but...}

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Please join us today and everyday as we pray for the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. Today started the first of many funerals, and I am praying for peace & comfort to fill the hearts of those who were the most affected by what happened last Friday. 

I know this is supposed to be a silent post, but I wanted to share three blog posts I would love for you to read: 

Be the Answer, by Laura at A Hearty Overflow
Pay it Forward, the followup,  by Kelly at Kelly B., J.D. 
God IS in Schools, by Elizabeth at E, Myself & I

That last one you especially should read if you are a teacher or parent of a child who is in public school. I just found it encouraging & so, so true (even though i'm not a teacher OR a parent...i have a heart for both). 

Sorrynotsorry this hasn't been very silent. I am sure you all understand! I just wanted to mention the above which is all in support of the people of Newtown. I have been doing a lot of praying. And crying. My heart is FULL of love & compassion & sadness for the people of Newtown. I know yours is, too. 


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