Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Going-Away Get-Together

On Saturday we went to a Going Away dinner for my friend, Susan. 

Her soon-to-be husband, Chris, lives almost five hours away, so she has been planning to move there after the wedding. She has also been hunting for a job for when she moves there! Well, she recently was hired by a fantastic company, and she starts in less than 2 weeks. So the big move is now TOMORROW! 


That's better!

Susan & I met at a production team meeting for a show at our local theater. I was engaged at the time. She had just moved to Baton Rouge. She had called & asked if she could volunteer, and ended up being my co-stage manager for The Producers! I had already stage managed quite a few productions at BRLT, but it was something i learned as i went. Then, Susan came along! With a master's degree in theater management, Susan taught me SO MUCH.  She made me a better stage manager.

The dinner Saturday night was so much fun! Mainly because it involved some of my most favorite people, and a LOT of laughing. Laugh until you cry laughter...

Laugh until you ache laughter...

Laugh until you pee laughter...

{notice Susan's photo bomb! ha!}

Yep! We had a lot of fun! I hate that Susan is leaving us, but loved this excuse to get together again! It's been too long!

 Susannah & Lauren

 Oh, how i have missed these two! Lauren & Danielle (on either side of me!).

 Friends Evan & Sara

 Newlyweds Aaron & Danielle 

 Lauren & Dan! Finally got to meet Lauren's new man & ya'll - they are two peas in a pod!

Lauren, Megan, Susan, Lauren & Danielle - beautiful women, inside & out!

Anyway, I will definitely miss Susan's crazy self, but I am excited to see her again soon for her shower in March & her wedding in August!! And y'all - i am SO happy for this girl. She deserves true love, and i believe she has found it in Chris. :)

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