Saturday, January 19, 2013

From Hobby to Passion! {on photography}

Thanks so much for your love & support on my last post! I love y'all! 

Today is on another subject that is important to me... but something a bit more lighthearted...


I have always loved taking pictures. I have ALWAYS been the girl with the camera. The girl who took a ton of pics. I remember constant trips to the Walgreens to pick up my 1-hour photos. Thank GOD for the digital age. To take a pic - and be able to see it RIGHT THEN ON YOUR CAMERA - and delete if it's bad - rather than buying a whole pack & all of them turning out bad. HA! :) We've come a long way, baby. 

That was all before digital. And even though i was the girl who took 8 zillion photos, it was still something i never ever thought i would want to do professionally. 

  In December 2010, i got my DSLR. And i shot in auto for a YEAR. Yep, a year. It was just easier. 
  December 2011 - Kim, Laura & Rainey 
My first "learning manual" shoot. 

 In December 2011, i went to Pennsylvania to meet a blog friend in real life (all blog friends get this, all other people reading are horrified. I know.). Laura and Kim (her real life friend whose blog i also follow) gave me a lot of pointers on shooting in manual. It felt like a WHOLE NEW WORLD! So YOU are supposed to control the camera! So YOU actually have the power! So you actually know more than your camera does!!!! I loved the idea of shooting in manual. It made a huge improvement in my photos, even with my limited knowledge. For the next year (i take things slowly, y'all. in everything.), i shot in manual. MOSTLY. Unless i would get stuck and then i would switch it to auto. This happens indoors. I have stuck to manual outside, for the most part.

September 2010  

In that time, i got lots of great advice from Laura via email whenever i had questions, i took half of an online course (didn't finish), & i read part of a book on photography (didn't finish that either.). That's it. 

 March 2011
We just had our second class. The photography teacher, Aaron of Eye Wander Photo, was my sister's wedding photographer & he is AMAZING. He is so creative, so talented. And funny, which is always a plus! :) Very nice. I have known Aaron for years, but finally met his wife. She's so sweet! 
April 2012 

ANYWAY. Sometime before the photography classes started, i started feeling my love for photography grow into something bigger. A passion. Do i want to open a business? Big negative! Honestly, i couldn't IMAGINE that right now. My pics are nowhere near that good. However, i would be completely open to that happening in the future if that was a plan God had for me. But no, no plans for that ANYTIME soon. I know there are people who get DSLR's & think they should open a business IMMEDIATELY, but i think that borders on insane. Ha! 

 June 2012   

 But even if i never open a business, which would be okay with me... I am definitely feeling this thing GROW into a passion. You know what passion feels like, right? It feels like how i feel when i talk about theater. Or when i talk about people i love. Or when i talk about topics i feel strongly about. It's in my heart & all up in my emotions. I could actually cry talking about it, even when it's something like photography! 

   October 2012   
It's like this...the day i went & took pictures of the pelicans? I sat there with a grin so wide i felt like my face would split in two! I actually - and i know this sounds incredibly ridiculous - i actually felt GRATEFUL that out of all the amazing photographers in Baton Rouge that day - I was the one lucky enough to be right there by those pelicans. It should have been Aaron. Or Abby. Or Kaylynn Marie. Or Amanda. Or Kyle. Or Cherish. Or so many other Baton Rouge photographers that i know, that take WAY better pictures than i do. But it was ME. That's how i felt. Like it was an honor & a privilege. (That sounded SO dumb, but it's honestly what went through my head!) 

 October 2012  

I also teared up several times. Just from the sheer JOY of it! Now, if that's not passion, i don't know what is! 

I have also found it taking up my thoughts more and more! And i am WANTING to get out & practice more & more. More so than i did in the past. 

So maybe it's taken me 2 years to finally start taking it more seriously. But that's okay. :)

 November 2012  

All this to say - i have a new passion. And i am excited about it! 

Stay tuned for more on this - like recaps of each class! And please feel free to leave me feedback in the comments (if you know a little bit about what you are talking about!). :) Also, please don't expect to see award-winning photos! Just because i am developing a passion for it does not mean i am AMAZING yet! Give it time, though! ;)

*Pictures above are a few of my favorite shots from the last year or two. Hopefully i will start adding to this collection! 

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