Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just some thoughts.

I just feel like making a random list today. So here ya go. 

{1} This morning i stepped in a very very cold puddle and drenched an entire foot, nearly to my shin. I was NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. 

{2} Did i mention the water was COLD? My foot was frozen. I took off my socks & shoes, showing my NOT recently pedicured foot, and then it was even COLDER. But more comfortable than a wet sock. 

{3} It was at church, and the minute i stepped on stage for music practice, barefoot i might add, & the minute i started singing worship music, i felt my anger melt away. Love how that works! It's just hard to stay mad singing words like "Your grace is enough" & "The blood of Jesus washes me". :) 

{4} Mom came to my rescue & stopped to get me some thick warms socks. She saw cute shoes too & grabbed me those. SCORE! Haha! 

{5} Our youth pastor found out he had to speak at 7:45 AM because our pastor was sick. He spoke on Romans 8 & man... it's good stuff! I may have shed some tears. :) God is GOOD!

{6} Came home & had leftover gumbo mom made. It felt so good to eat up all leftovers instead of letting them go bad, that me & Brad made a new year's resolution on the spot: To eat food before it goes bad. We are bad about this! So it might be tough!

{7} My new tripod came last week, my new lens comes Tuesday, and my new photography class starts Thursday! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

{8} My dog is annoying me at this exact moment. 

{9} What happened to the good old days of blogging, just to blog? Just because you like it? And putting blog buttons in sidebars just because you like people's blogs? What is all this sponsorship madness about? I just do not get it at ALL! Please don't hate me or judge me, I still love you & still read your blog. I just won't be asking you to sponsor me. If I read & love your blog, your button is in my "blog love" page - FOR FREE!!!!! Just because i love you! See how that works?! :)  (Side note: If it's not there, you either don't have a blog button or i haven't realized that i haven't put it there yet. But i will! Haha)

{10} Our Christmas tree is still up. Again, don't judge. 

Hope y'all have had a great weekend! XOXO

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  1. I feel ya on the sponsorship stuff! And my Christmas tree is still up and probably will be for another month!


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