Monday, January 14, 2013

Pelicans, y'all!

The LSU Lakes have been my happy place for a few years now. I think it may be the most beautiful area in Baton Rouge, and it's always so peaceful there. You can search through the archives and find plenty of pics from the lakes. Oh, and i also became obsessed with the egrets! They are so majestic-looking, and i loved practicing my photography on them!

I started photography class last week, and we have homework. First, i stopped at the clock tower on LSU's campus, to try to get some decent shots there.

 Then, I headed to the lakes. I drove around slowly, trying to decide where to start. And then i saw them. Egrets? NOPE. PELICANS!! Just hanging out on an old tree branch in the water!

Do you see what I see? :)

I couldn't believe it. I always hear that the pelicans come around March, and i think i may have seen one or two of them there before. But not so many, like this! I headed towards them & took TONS of pictures. After a little while, i walked a little further down & realized i could see them better. I sat in the grass & took some more pics. I honestly could've sat down there all day. It was so peaceful. CRAZY-windy, but peaceful. All you could hear was the sound of the water. Egrets fly away if you get too close. Not these guys! They just ignored me. :)

 Most of them were sleepy, I think. Or cold!

I took some pictures of other things, too, I promise!

But then it was back to the pelicans. I just love them!

I thought I was done, and then out of NOWHERE, about 10 or 12 pelicans flew in! Suddenly they were everywhere!

 It's a pelican party!

These are Great White Pelicans. The Louisiana State Birds is the Brown Pelican. But i guess these guys decided Louisiana is a good place to visit, too! ;)

 After awhile, a bunch of them flew away again!

And what are you looking at!?

I love them, can you tell? It was tough - the wind was blowing like CRAZY, it was very  much overcast, and there was such a glare, i really couldn't see the screen on my camera to know what settings i was using! Ha! Many of my shots came back way too dark. But i still got some good ones! And i can't wait to go back. :)

As i was leaving, I was greeted by a bunch of pink flamingos. 
 Um, yeah. Basically this just means that it's about time for Mardi Gras. HA!

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