Sunday, January 27, 2013

Photography Practice: right in my neighborhood.

Yesterday i really really wanted to get in some photography practice. I took Fievel outside, tied his leash to the steps, and snapped a few. :)

 Whenever we go outside, Fievel is entranced by everything around. He gets focused on every noise, every sight, so that if a squirrel runs by he won't miss it. Haha. Therefore, he has NO desire to look at me - no matter what i try to do to get his attention! Ha!

Typical Shih Tzu face... underbite & all!

After awhile, he was over it & ready to go back inside. He's an inside dog as much as he would like us to believe he is not!

My view...and in black & white.

Oh hi, Fievel. 

This next one is my favorite. There is bokeh in the tree, and i am becoming obsessed with bokeh. Haha. And even though Fievel is turned away... i like it. 

I got tired of practicing on Fievel (which i am sure he was thrilled about!), so i brought him inside & decided to walk the neighborhood to see if i could find anything interesting to photograph. 

Now, we live in a trailer. Which means...a trailer park. (It's just what we can afford at this time in our life! Hopefully a house one day soon-ish!).  And you just don't see people taking photos in trailer parks. At least i haven't! In fact, two cars passed me while i was walking and i know they were thinking - what in the world is she taking pictures of out here?! Ha. 

But... i really want God to open up my imagination when it comes to photography. I even began praying that. I have always had a great imagination. When it comes to writing and music and plays. Why can't i have that when it comes to taking pictures? You know? So... i hoped to find something neat to capture. And here is what i got. I realize it's nothing extraordinary! But... it's a start. :) 

 Our photography teacher was telling us how trees are cool this time of year - kind of creepy looking, haha! I saw these and had to agree. 

I don't know what those are, but they were fun to photograph. Here they are from another angle.

And can you believe it?! Repetition, right here in my own neighborhood! Ha! 

Really enjoyed this. It's just a matter of opening your eyes & really seeing what is around you. I love it. Good times. :)

 And back home sweet home. :)

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  1. Love reading your photography post... They are so fascinating!


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