Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project 365: Week 1 {let's see how long this lasts!}

I decided AGAIN this year to try the Project 365 thing. For those of you who do not know, it's where you post a pic a day. The reason I am trying it YET AGAIN is because those who do it...usually on Facebook... have such clever things to tell as the caption of the pic. It's usually a re-cap of their day, leaving out the boring bits & including all the entertaining parts. I love reading it on Facebook, and so... I decided to attempt it. Again. 

The first year i tried it, i stuck with it for less than a week or something ridiculous like that. I didn't have a smartphone, and decided that was my problem. You don't just lug your big camera around everyday, especially when you're at work for most of the day. I guess you could but it would get old fast. And then by the time you get home from work, all you are seeing is your laptop, or your television. So... it didn't work out. 

The second year i tried it, i had an iPhone, and i thought - I WILL DO IT THIS TIME! Nope. Stuck with it about a month, maybe two or three, and was done. 

THIS TIME? I am doing it again, but seeing as how i made it a "wish-list resolution" & not an ACTUAL resolution, i am under no illusion that THIS TIME I WILL ACTUALLY DO IT. Of course, since i didn't make it an actual resolution I probably will do it. Just because that's how life is sometimes. I will be shocked if i do. But i hope i do. Because they're fun. 

So here is week one of 2013, minus the long captions from Facebook. If you are my friend on Facebook, just skip this post. You've already seen these. :)

Jan 1. First kiss of 2013. Yes, we look kind of scroungy. :oP 

Jan 2. Back to work after 11 wonderful days off. It sucked. Thankful to start my day with this devotional & a new scarf, though! 


Jan 4. Laura sent me a BEAUTIFUL scarf that she MADE & it's in my favorite  colors. DAY MADE. 

Jan 5. Started Saturday off early at the Red Stick Farmer's Market with my mom & sis-in-love. Jaimie was excited about these carrots - they're just like Bugs Bunny's! :)

So there you go! Week one, done! On to week 2! Have a good one! :)

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