Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project 365: Week 2

I have taken a picture a day for two whole weeks now! 

Actually less than, since the first week was not quite 7 days. 

But still - maybe i will stick with it this year! You see, i tried this two other times & couldn't stick with it. But i really want to this time! :) 

Alright. Week 2 of 2013 in pictures. 

I will spare you the commentary about the ENTIRE day that goes on Facebook, but these were the highlights... 

Jan 6 (center - sorry this was harder with 7 photos!). Oh, yeah. This was the day my entire foot got drenched in a freezing cold puddle, splashing the other one. Sitting with Ashley before church; she let me whine about it. :) Ha!

Jan 7. I GOT MY NEW LENS IN!!! OMG! (Super excited, if you can't tell!) 

Jan 8. This is the end result of what is called KIT DISBURSEMENT. It's where i give over 20 students ALL of their supplies for cosmetology school, make sure they have everything, etc etc. It's like Christmas for them, but is exhausting for me. I secretly enjoy it...sorta kinda maybe sometimes, but just a little! Had to do it all again for the other schedule on Friday! Don't have to do it again until March. Whew!

Jan 9. Had lunch with my friend Ashley. We had the most annoying waiter EVER, but still had a wonderful time laughing & talking. And she treated me. LOVE HER! 

Jan 10. PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS WITH MY BESTIE!!! OH my gosh! Amazing class. Can't wait to go back this Thursday! LOVED IT! 

Jan 11. Got in my Shutterfly Calendar! They did a great job! More about this later. 

Jan 12. Went to the LSU Lakes for photography practice, and FOUND SOME PELICANS!! I love them! ;) Could have sat there forever taking photos of them. :) 

This post sounded way too crazy hyper excited, but y'all. I got a new lens. I started a photography class. I found pelicans at LSU. I will try to calm down now. 

How was YOUR week?

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