Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project 365: Week 3

Yep. It's still happening. Maybe third times a charm??? 

For those who haven't been reading, this is my THIRD attempt at trying the pic a day thing. I post them on Facebook, but like to do the weekly synopsis here. I couldn't keep it going the last two years i tried it, but the one i read last year was so entertaining, that i had to give it another try. :) So far...i'm sticking with it. 

I do realize it's only January. ;) 

So here is my week 3 in photos! 

Once again, I'll spare you the long commentary like I do it on facebook. But here it is in a nutshell! 

Sunday, Jan 13. I made the perfect chicken, and tried roasted cauliflower. SO GOOD! 

Monday, Jan 14. My boots came in!! Mom got me these for Christmas, but they didn't fit, so she returned them &  had them shipped to my house. I LOVE THEM! I've been asking for boots for like 3 years now. I know that's sad. But these fit & I love them. And yes, i posted a full body pic of myself. Ain't no shame! (Expect me to be skinnier in the next pic though! I lost 2.2 pounds this past week!) :)

Tuesday, Jan 15. Tried the new restaurant by my work. It's called Uncle O's. They have another one somewhere in Baton Rouge, but I've never been. ANYWAY - this is quite possibly the best salad I've ever had. AMAZING! The owner came by my table (impressive!) & I told him that i might have a problem. As in, i will want to go there more often than i can afford. Ha! I have already been back once with plans to meet a friend there on Thursday. Yikes! 

Wednesday, Jan 16. Met my friend Tonya for lunch! My long-lost work buddy!!!! SO thankful to get to sit with her & catch up. So much going on in her life, and i am always inspired by her constant faith & perseverance. Amazing woman of God! 

Thursday, Jan 17. Photography Class #2! We used our photographer's wife Jency as a model. :)

Friday, Jan 18. Stopped at the fruit & veggie stand for some goodies! :) 

Saturday, Jan 19. Day date with my love! Breakfast at La Madeline's, and the movie Les Miserables, finally! Then Barnes & Noble & Walmart. Lovely day! 

That's my week! Stay tuned! I might keep this up a whole month!!!! 

Hope you all had a lovely week! :)

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