Monday, January 21, 2013

This Weekend, I... {v. 13}

This weekend, I had a day date with my sweet husband. We wanted breakfast at Another Broken Egg, but the wait was too long. Would have been worth waiting for if we weren't trying to catch an early matinee. So we went to La Madeline's for breakfast instead. It was delicious. 

This weekend, I FINALLY got to see Les Miserables. Have been waiting patiently for Brad to take me! We both loved it. I already knew the story, but haven't seen it on the stage (which i know is a crime, being the theater junkie that i am!). Absolutely loved the movie. Some things I didn't get... like the casting of a couple of roles. But it was still so good! Anne Hathaway & Hugh Jackman were amazing. I thought most of them were. I also really really loved Samantha Barks as Eponine. Read this article about her audition process! Love it. She beat out some a-list celebrities for that role! Well deserved! 

This weekend, I began obsessively casting the Baton Rouge Little Theater version of Les Miserables in my head. That's always fun! Although auditions aren't until probably MAY! So curious who will get these roles here locally! So excited we got the rights to put on this beautiful production!

This weekend, I went to Barnes & Noble with Brad after the movie, and we bought the book Les Miserables (go figure!) & the book Safe Haven (they showed the preview & so i wanted to get the book!). Then we went to Walmart for groceries and got the Les Mis soundtrack. (Yeah...it was about $6 bucks cheaper at Walmart.)

This weekend, I practiced photography on my friend Ashley at church! I know that is odd...it's because I have homework for photography class that i was trying to accomplish! :) When i got home, Brad was a good sport about letting me practice the Rule of Thirds. 
Just look at those baby blues! I love him!! Ooh, and look at the bokeh! Otherwise... well, i need some more practice. :o/

Ooh, and the weekend is not over! We are off today!! YAHOO!

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  1. I LOVE Les Mis. The casting was ok for me too. But I love Samantha Barks!! :). I am a theater geek still haven't seen yet either.

    I love that you are from LA but I'm from bama. :) I love finding southern bloggers. :)


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